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Alexandra Sadista is a Chicago-based ProDomme.

She is a Sensual Sadist,

Lifestyle Goddess and slave trainer,

Manipulator of men,

Lover of Leather, Latex, and 8" Stilettos,

Playful Fetishist and Kinkster,

Performance Artist and Professional Perv.

A rendezvous with Me is the genuine FemDom experience you crave. I will require you to drop to your knees and greet My boots with one kiss, and renounce all sense of control and authority. I welcome those whose desire is to be safely and discreetly immersed in your deepest and wildest fantasies. I encourage you to indulge in your kinks and fetishes. I will share with you My BDSM and KINK, your submission is your gift to Me.

BDSM piqued My interest nearly twenty years ago. For the last twelve of those years, I have been professionally training slaves and gaining the adoration of male submissives. I am a trained, versatile designer of creative kink. I respond well to enthusiastic sufferers, respectful gentlemen, the adventurous, intelligent, and willing, and males devoted to enriching My existence.

My first love is Sadism. The feeling of elation I experience by way of your suffering and distress is comparable to no other. My second love is all things KINK: I highly enjoy bondage of most varieties (light to heavy restraint, uncomfortable positioning, predicament bondage, mummification, encasement, mental, sexual...), sensory play, corporal punishment and discipline, medical fetish scenarios, CBT/NT/body torture, and select specific types of worship.

Do not make the mistake of assuming all of My scenes require sadism for Me to enjoy Myself. IT IS NOT ALWAYS ABOUT PAIN. While I do have an insatiable thirst for it, there are countless other ways to please Me that do not require it. It is important to remember that a responsible Domina such as Myself understands and will respect your limits at all times. Try to not feel limited or intimidated. I adore genuine submission and servitude, and sometimes that is all I need. Foot worshippers and Goddess pamperers hold a special place in My dark heart. The best way to find out if I will indulge your fantasy is to respectfully suggest a scenario for Me to consider, and I will respond if it speaks to Me.


It can never come quickly enough, the inital moment I serve as your chaffeur and pick You up. You look so amazingly beautiful and powerfukl! I wait to kiss the hand that feeds my addiction to BDSM. i need to wear your collar to make4 my place in your life complete. Your bondage and tortures are so exquisite, I love it! i love all the clamps you put on me. i love your claws! As You tortured me Your sadistic laugh made me surrender to You deeper. i feel so helpkless and subservient. i loved kissing and worshipping Your boots as You torured me. The latex body bag was amazing! i loved You smothering me with Your hand, it made me feel uneasy and helpless being the the very tight and hot bondage. At the end of the evening you had me rub Your feet. You made me feel like that's wherre I belong, by Your side, at Your feet, as Your slave. Thank you Goddess Alexandra for the reward of being Your slave, the treat of your Champagne. I crave the helplessness, the surrender. You have a way of making me feel like I should always be with You as Your subservient sufferer.

I loved serving you. It was probably the best session of my life. You are even hotter in person than I had hoped for. I hope to see you again in the near future.

APRIL 2018
For the whole day today i was still blown away by the rhythm of our play and the levels you have taken me. It is the kind of play I was looking for a long time, testing boundaries, experiencing new variations and most important serving a stunning and creative Mistress. The two times we have played so far I always wished that the sessions would never end.

i had a wonderful time last week suffering for You, and learning how to serve You. The more i spend time with You, the more devotion I feel towards you. In a way, this is the lifelong dream i have dreamed about! The more we play, the deeper i fall into your spell.

As for the suffering and torture... Well, You're just the best! You clamped and crushed my balls and electrocuted them! Ouch! You were so happy, Your laugh, smile, just the sound in your voice made me feel the elation you were feeling. THEN! The staple gun! It is so hard for me to say no to you. i was terrified. You told me me how much it turns you on, and it turns me on too! Then you let me lick and kiss your latex clad hand, what a turn on! Your hands, fingers, nails are one of my favorite fetishes!

You have a way of making me feel so helpless. Just like when you caned me. i love when you break me down to feel helpless, vulnerable, and cry for You. Then reprogram me to love and cherish You. i need to be controlled, manipulated, and brainwashed for Your pleasure. It is my calling!

The first thing to remember is She had my scrotum. Her sharpened fingernails dug into the underside of my balls as I was lead through the dungeon. Palming my privates She kept me in step, lifting me to my toes to enforece Her pace and Her will. This is how I was escorted by Mistress Alexandra toward O/our afternoon's Theatre of Sadism.

As Mistress bound and shackled me to a fixture on the wall Her firm, strong body pressed into mine. Working to secure Her belt, Her dark, raven hair brushed my face making me dizzy as I took in a waft of Her scent. Teasingly, She asks,."How do I smell"?

Ethereal; seeming to belong to another world. She smelled ethereal.

I ask, what's a Mistress to do when her slave du jour fails to perform as a proper specimen for her devious experiments? A failure thrice over, yet.
- An amusing, bubbly champagne enema? Unabl to retain.
- A fiery, hot sauce anal hook? Too pussy to maintain.

Two strikes earned me a strong and stern flogging peppered with stinging spanks. My howls of pain only enlivened the flames dancing behind my Mistress' eyes.

My chance at redemption came in the form of hot, molten candle wax poured oin my genitals, encasing them in a hardened shell. Or that would have been the outcome if I hadn't brought things to a halt by throwing down the safe word...Again.

Strike three!

Again. Again I'd disappointed Mistress by spoiling Her carefully considered plans for my endless suffering. After my ass whoppin' you'd think I would be nothing if not all kinds of obedient. Byut my weakness only lead to a humiliating penance.

Sodomy is a particularly personal means of dominance. In the heterosexual world, a socially repugnant act of invasive aggression. Mistress Alexandra held me down with Her full weight on the back of my legfs while I was laid out, face down on the bondage bed. The thrusts of Her cock into My anus were Her statement of ownership and control. "Learn your place, obey Me with absolute devotion, or suffer the consequences", would be my lesson. In any case, Mistress let me know who owned this ass.

Days later my ass is still reminding me of the lessons learned that day. I'm sure Mistress has plenty more to teach on my next visit.

i just wanted to say thank You! i had a wonderful time playing with You on Saturday. It was a pleasure like no other. my years of honing my desires with respect to the fetish/BDSM lifestyle brought me to You. i enjoyed everything from your alluring beauty to your sadistic style. The toilet experience that I had with You has definitely increased my desire to want to consume more. I look forward to our next encounter and what You have in store for me then. You have a new loyal toilet in xxxxxxx.

Thank you for a wonderful and absolutely amazing session, especially for the first meeting. I am completely wired and I thank you. You ar a stunning, and exceptionally energetic experience creator.

A picnic within a dungeon would be a particularly odd choice if not for the fact that we, Mistress Alexandra Sadista and myself, were celebrating Hallowe'en and Mistress' birthday on a date somewhere between the two. In which case, this may have been the last bit of sense to be made of that afternoon.

Laying out a plastic sheet as a blanket on the dungeon floor to set our picnic upon, Mistress Alexandra was eager and excited that her birthday week had begun! Placing two paper plates down on the sheet, one for each of us, she asked where had I put the cake? Um, cake? I was bringing a cake? I had some candles, but no cake."What good are birthday candles without a cake to put them on?", she asked (her tone quite dour). Explaining that a cake had never been mentioned was the equivalent of hanging a sign around my neck stating,"Stupid lives here", with an arrow pointing to my head. Angrily she accuses me of earlier wasting time jerking off when I should have been more concerned with HER cake! Mistress hastily undoes my belt and strips down my pants to display exactly where my deficit lay- my brains were in my dick. Naturally, I would have to suffer for such an erroneous male failing. If I had any objections they were not to be heard. With my clothes fully off she stuffed my own socks into my mouth and swiftly duct taped them in, winding the tape about my head several times. After blindfolding me Mistress changed clothes, donning a shiny, black patent leather corset with matching uniform cap, black, thigh high stiletto boots and a red latex thong. Her business clothes. Time to go to work... on me!

For the next two and a half hours I was made to endure the wrathful ministrations of a dominatrix whose only forgiveness lie in my repentant, physical suffering. My ass was struck, striped and welted while I was bent over the bondage table. Starting with Mistress' hands in a rapid cascade of slaps, and moving on to several instruments that left stinging reminders for days. An abstract assortment of red and purple bruises, blotches and sharp lines were carved into my buttocks. My muffled yelps and yowls were to be given full volume after Mistress Alexandra removed the duct tape from over my mouth and head. There is no mercy with this adhesive. It was torn from my skin in starts and stops. A slow pull and then abrupt yank. And again until it was off. With an ample amount of hair, I'm sure. This was of the utmost amusement to Mistress. Oh, so much fun to watch me flinch and grimace...

GOD DAMN IT! She got me. God dammit, she got me good! I ask,what kind of cunning, vile mind comes up with this shit! An extraordinary one, I assure you.


Your handiwork is blooming in full Technicolor plum purples and deep prune. Where as this morning presented more scarlet splotching. Every so often, over the course of my day, I would experience a quick twinge of pain from them or a brief, numb, ache. I sense you smiling.

MARCH 2015
I wanted to thank you again for Thursday evening. You helped ease me into my first session with a ProDomme, while still managing to push my boundaries within my limits. I have to admit I was quite nervous beforehand, not knowing exactly what to expect. This is something that causes me great anxiety, and one of the reason why I have a hard time going out to larger social events to meet new people. But it didn't take long for me to feel at ease in sub space, kneeling at your feet. It felt where I belonged, able to simply be myself without the usual mask I have to wear to blend into society. The entire experience was highly enjoyable and felt very therapeutic for me. Submission is a natural aspect of myself, and one I truly enjoy being able to explore and share with others. For as long as I can remember, I have always viewed Women as deserving admiration and worship. I'm glad I was able to share this positive experience with you, and I hope to have a session again in the future.

JULY 2014
Right up front, i am honored to have been Your choice to fulfill a personal perversity and happy i was up to the physical challenges. You seemed very proud and pleased in making me Your "Vase ala Sphincter". i truly appreciate the thought and time You spent on this. Your humiliations are eeevilly and gleefully played out and i pray to be useful in more of Your cruel and beauteous visions.

You'll be happy to know all of Your lovely marks are blooming quite nicely and making me wince at every seating. my birthday was several weeks ago and i consider myself fully spanked and caned in celebration thereof. Wow, You sure enjoyed filling me up to my limit with that enema. The nozzle being inserted, and my bowels and intestines expanding and bloating while You look upon my increasing discomfort is a humiliation i am happy to endure as i see You smile at my helplessness.

I expressed this before we parted, my love of our time together Wednesday could not have been more optimally shocking, unexpected and desirable. Certainly, being a man, i have perused other Mistresses web sites. This having been our third session i can definitely say You are a Domme of singular variety. You define You and all others are riding coach. YOU are it!!

JULY 2014
i have served my incredible and beautiful Goddess, Mistress Alexandra Sadista, for a couple years.  During that time, She has guided my training as Her toilet.  Our mutual goal has been for me to become Her fully consuming toilet, taking in all Her divine wastes. As she puts it, “you are My toilet to use as I see fit.”  She is my Goddess and it is my ultimate way of worshiping Her, showing my complete submission and devotion to Her...

As i left, i felt deep satisfaction knowing that i had pleased my Goddess by fulfilling my sole purpose in life as Her toilet, Her shit and piss receptacle, Her “shit and piss pig.” i felt content knowing that the shit and piss of my Goddess were deep inside me, Her toilet.


APRIL 2013
I have a New Fetish.
The energy was high as she dressed in amazing latex from head to toe. After warming my cock and balls, I soon found out that Mistress is very skilled at cbt and cbb. She doesn’t need tools as for she has a wicked slap! She instructed me that I needed to take the pain if I wanted rewards. She continued to violate my cock and balls making nice shades of purple, slapping, flicking and flogging. Mistress was eager to use the cock and ball stand device. Soon after, she started to fuck my cock hole, sliding the rod deep and repeated it more times than I could count. As she was not near done violating my cock and balls she has me lay on the bondage table and Mistress is right back at it with the sounds fucking my hole. She starts teasing me with her latex, letting me feel and smell, not knowing what was going to happen next. Mistress then starts smothering and sitting on my face as she gets the joys of violating my cock and balls with the violet wand. She says I am turning it up all the way, how could I say no when I had Mistress nice latex ass sitting on my face?

Seeing Mistress strutting around in hot latex with a nice black strapon cock, I could not wait, eager to impress. Mistress tells me how she likes to have her subs gag and suck her cock. She warms me up, then she starts fucking my man pussy hard and putting every motion into, soon she realizes than I am enjoying it to much. “We need to upsize cause you are such a slut” She puts on a bigger cock and jumps right back into the hard long strokes. As I am taking very hard stoke she continues to be smiling ear to ear and calling how good of a slut I am. I am barely able to say Thank You Mistress as she continues to violate me going from slow to long to working it up to a very hard fast long pounding. As she keeps fucking my man pussy, it seems I am falling into sub space as she continues to fuck me with no mercy!

Lastly Mistress brings on one last challenge. My mind is spinning as I have never gagged on a cock and for that matter taken the whole thing, then going to a bigger size? I wanted to end on a good note as for Mistress rewarded me earlier with a very good s/o fucking. She warms me up and lets me work it at a slow pace, encouraging me, telling me how good I was doing, and how she likes watching me suck her black cock as saliva spit and drool is all over my mouth and her cock. I get the first one down. Then, on to the bigger one. Mistress encourages me more by placing her hand on the back of my head and helps me hold her cock deep in my throat. So eager to please Mistress I keep trying to go deeper, and finally she tells me that I was a good cocksucker.

OMG what an awesome session. I can’t wait for the next time I gag and suck her cock in more ways. This was the first session with Alexandra and can’t wait to session again, as for me she has rekindled the fire and now I have a new fetish and she is Alexandra Sadista.

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