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A sissy, a party toilet, and four Goddesses

Recently I organized a party for My friends and I, and it went very well. sissy-slut tammy and My personal devoted toilet bitch and property were invited to serve and entertain Me and three of My gorgeous friends; Mistress Ammunition/Ammo, Mistress Katrina, and Lady Mynx. My bitch was to serve as the party toilet for all the Women, and sissy tammy was to provide the holes My friends and I would fill.

When My toilet arrived, he greeted each one of Us individually with a kiss to Our boots, then recited a mantra he had specifically written for each. After the brief introduction, he was instructed to get into position in the area I had set up for him on the south end of the Dungeon with a toilet box behind a partition for discretion. We each were ready to put him to use. During the half hour that followed, We each took turns giving him plenty to eat and drink.

After We all used the party toilet, tammy arrived. she was immediately taken into the crossdressing closet on the north end of the Dungeon, and properly dressed and prepped by My cohorts.

In the meantime, I tended to My toilet bitch who had quite the meal to consume sitting in front of him. I took My time chatting and spoon-feeding him Our caviar as I drank My coffee and ate a blueberry muffin (yes, I am that unphased by scat play haha!) until I was ready to join the others. Party toilet was instructed to continue to eat while We were in the other room with Our slut.

sissy tammy was given the task of writing a synopsis of her experience:

What more could a sissy slut ask for??!!  Strap-on Sunday funday sounded like fun!  Upon arriving, i was greeted by Goddess Alexandra and her friends Miss Ammunition, Katrina Black and Lady Mynx. Goddess Alexandra does with me as She pleases, but i was so honored She had mentioned me to Her friends and honored that They wanted a piece of me as well.  🙂  The Ladies walked me back to the dress up area and Goddess Alexandra ordered me to strip naked. She then left me with Her friends as She tended to some other business. Goddess’s friends then debated how They wanted to dress me and the consensus was a trashy slut whose endgame was an ultimate walk of shame.  Their mission was a huge success!  They put me in a sequined dress, sparkly makeup, boobs popping out, fishnet stockings, the works.  About that time, Goddess Alexandra came back and admired the work of the Ladies.  Goddess touched up my lip gloss and helped me select some heels.  i crammed my feet into heels that were likely a size too small, but it did not matter… i would not be walking much, as Goddess pointed out.  Goddess then paraded me into the room with the other ladies.  i stumbled in my heels as the ladies prepared for the “second act”. Miss Ammo was anxious and already had a 7” strapon on. She put one foot up on the spanking bench to which i was being led and gyrated her hips to make her cock flop up and down.  So excited i was, knowing that Goddess had told of my ability to take cock that Her friends wanted to test me out.  Goddess led me to the spanking bench and strapped down my wrists and ankles. At that point,  i would not be able to leave even if i wanted (i would never resist Goddess). Miss Ammo then began to insert her huge cock in my mouth, meanwhile Mistress Katrina started to play with my pussy.  Miss Ammo pushed me to deep throat the whole thing.  When She saw how well i took it, She grabbed my head and forced me to gag on her huge cock. When i gagged, Mistress Katrina squealed with delight as she could feel my back end clench around her fingers.  Once Mistress Katrina had me loosened up, Goddess Alexandra mounted me and led off taking me from behind.  There is something so comforting about Goddess plowing me from behind.  i know She knows my limits but will also push me.  W(w)e really have a wonderful bond.  As Goddess Alexandra started to pump me, i became more relaxed… knowing what lay ahead for me. i did not want to let Goddess down.  Clearly Her friends had shown up expecting a slut that could take a pounding, and i didn’t want to disappoint.  Goddess proceeded to pound me and warm me up as Miss Ammo pumped my mouth full of cock.  All sorts of laughter and lewd comments ensued from the Ladies— how fun to be the center of their attention! From there it was a sweet rotation of beautiful women filling me from both ends. Once Goddess Alexandra had Her fill, Miss Ammo rotated to the back and Mistress Katrina got in front of me.  Miss Ammo had questioned whether i could take Her big cock. It was a challenge at first, but very much worth it.  She fucked me so hard and deep that i was on the verge of cumming multiple times.  i did not want to embarrass Goddess so I fought the urge off with every ounce of restraint. Miss Ammo is incredibly aggressive and bangs with a passion. Several times the spanking bench lifted into the air she was hammering me with such force— what a delight! Next up was Mistress Katrina and she takes the term drilling to another level.  A jackhammer comes to mind when thinking of the experience.  As she drilled me from behind, lady Mynx got in front of me and started force-feeding me her dick. She really enjoyed me deep-throating as my head kept hitting her pelvis with each thrust from Mistress Katrina.  This was sissy slut heaven— but it wasn’t quite over yet. Lady Mynx of course wanted her turn and was not to be outdone by the others. She gave me several minutes of hard pounding and as she was a little taller than the others, able to penetrate me at slightly different angles.  As She was going to town, the other three circled in front of me and wagered whether They could all fit their cocks in my mouth. All three briefly did it! As great as that was, my time was winding down and it was time to conclude the session. The Ladies all helped me to undress and told me to get on my knees once again. Goddess was unsure if She should let me release, but luckily the other three wonderful Ladies voted to allow me to cum. As I kneeled, there was difficulty getting erect. As the Ladies all still had their strap one i leaned forward and began to suck Goddess dildo once again. That immediately gave me an erection as she joked, “well, did you even ask??” I soon came and caught the load in my off hand. Thinking that was the end, i asked for something to clean up with. Goddess shook her head and told me to put some on her cock and clean it up. i did as told and the other Ladies liked the idea… so i had to lick my own cum off each one of their cocks. Such devious minds on these Ladies! With all that said, i had a wonderful afternoon with Goddess and her friends— and i cannot wait until our next encounter!

I need not say more about what went on with sissy slut tammy, but I do need to mention that when I went to check in on My party toilet, he had finished eating EVERYTHING on his plate. This highly pleased Me, and further reassured that My training over the years had really paid off. Of course, his the task was not complete until he licked clean the glass plate and spoon he used to dine on Our exquisite treats!

As My property, My toilet bitch has learned how I like to be pampered and has become somewhat adept at massages. After I instructed him to spend some time at Our feet, he presented Us with four different oils to choose from before massaging the eight feet in front of him.

My devoted toilet bitch did very well. So well, up until the very end when he decided to release without explicit permission after being granted a release! Note to subs, the purpose of asking for permission to cum is defeated if you ask AS you are orgasming! Well, not only did he earn a release, he also earned multiple, hard cane strokes to each inner thigh by each one of Us leaving him with physical reminders of his poorly timed release.

The afternoon was an absolute blast. I decided that it was too much fun for it to be a one-off event. I am currently planning the second rendezvous in January, and already have a masochist and a couple sluts in mind.

As a side note, these two participants were not randomly chosen. they were both selected by Me to entertain Us because I knew they will do their absolute best to serve properly. I knew they wouldn’t be difficult, clumsy, or be easily distracted from their purpose despite being dominated by four Women. My devoted toilet bitch has been in loyal service to Me for almost eight years. he is My property, marked and sex controlled by Me. he is not “a lucky guy” for being allowed to participate. he has worked very hard, followed My orders, been disciplined, generous, and committed to his role and sole purpose in My life of being My toilet bitch. And while sissy tammy is not My personal slave, she has shown a deep desire to please and entertain over the years. she is what every sissy should be; respectful, eager, humble, with a sense of humor, and she walks the talk (meaning she can actually take it like a good little bitch slut).

My devoted toilet bitch’s synopsis coming soon, as well as pics from the event.

OH, and happy holidays to all from this happy Pervert!

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