Dominatrix. BDSM Specialist. Sensual Sadist.

A rendezvous with Me is the genuine FemDom experience you crave.  Upon your arrival I will require you to drop to your knees, greet My boots with a kiss, and renounce all sense of control and authority you may have when not in My presence.  you are now in My Domain.  With My irrefutable dominant nature and powers of persuasion, you will find yourself doing the unthinkable in order to gain My approval. 

Thirteen years professional experience.

Alexandra Sadista is a skilled Domina in Chicago who is well versed in the art of Sadomasochism.  BDSM piqued Her interest nearly twenty years ago.  October 2019 will mark thirteen years dedicated to training slaves, refining Her skills, and gaining the adoration of male submissives.

It is in your best interest to be on your best behavior at all times.  I respond well to respectful, motivated, and adventurous individuals who are able to articulate the experience they seek in order to create a mutually beneficial interaction.  I welcome those who desire a safe and discreet immersion in BDSM, fetish, fantasy scenarios.  Do not feel limited or intimidated by My kinks and fetishes, or My striking appearance.  The scenes I orchestrate are not always of an intense nature, and at times may be light-hearted with comedic undertone. 

I only consider respectful requests that I have a genuine interest in and deem sincere.  Novices should make it a point to read the “Sessions” and “FAQ” pages of My website.  Genuine foot worshipers and Goddess pamperers hold a special place in My dark heart.  Respectfully suggest a scenario for Me to consider, and I will respond if it interests Me.