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Musings & Reviews

AUGUST 2023 [Four hours of blissful experiences including restrictive and suspension bondage, throat training, and whipping, and a surprise visit from a Colleague as well!]

Thank You for yet another fabulous training session last week.

First, having me bend over for Your inspection of my rectum set the tone.

Second, having me choose three impact implements was a great way to get the head space going, especially since i assumed they would be used on my back and my butt.  Silly slave.  The leather arm binders were excellent, i do have an affinity for heavy leather.  Then the pose on the pillory was intimidating, because as You were positioning me facing out, it didn’t take me long to understand that You would be working on my front side.  The time You took to carefully restrain my cock and hold it up and away created anxiety and anticipation, as i projected that You would be aiming for my balls with the chosen implements.  Standing with ankles spread wide is always a scary position, knowing that the balls are presented and vulnerable.  Usually for kicking or manual manhandling.  i always love being spread very wide at the ankles to make the balls as vulnerable as possible.

However, this time You chose to focus on my nipples and balls with the impact implements, with some time and marks for my thighs, too.  The time You spent with the single tail, carefully adjusting Your aim until You were able to apply the painful lick precisely on a nipple was fabulous.  Such a precise and searing pain!  It was so hot for me to be able to watch You at work, taking Your time to enjoy the process, and having me report the effectiveness of Your aim with each stroke.  It is such a gift to see the look and smile on Your face as You hone in on Your target, then apply the painful licks just as You want them.  Such a dilemma for me as a slave, wanting to see and hear Your excitement and joy, but knowing the suffering and pain that i must endure to deliver Your satisfaction to You.

Then the balls received their share of the treatment, and i believe You could see and hear and enjoy the suffering from Your strokes.

Then, the suspension in the front room was outstanding, such a vulnerable position, flying through the air, but with my ankles spread apart to present my cock and balls hanging down for abuse.  Then the amazing surprise when i first felt four hands on my back and thighs.  And it apparently was Mistress Hecuba standing behind me, taking advantage of that hanging junk to grab and pull and squeeze.

When You removed the blindfold, from my face-down flying position, i could see two pairs of spiked boots, and part of the sexy legs in fishnets, but nothing higher, so i didn’t know who the second Domme was, until You told me.

The flying suspension was a fabulous position for the cock sucking, with me so totally restrained.  My only way to reach deeper on Your cocks was to push with my legs, which elicited peels of laughter from You both.  The laughter from You both just spurred me to try harder and harder.

As You said after the session, Mistress Hecuba was perfect to bring in for this cock sucking section, because it is apparent how much She truly enjoys the humiliation.  Thus i was doubly inspired to perform at the highest level to hear the laughter and approval from You both.

Then moving to the kneeling position allowed You to bring out the deep throat devices.  i am disappointed i was not able to go full deep other than the one time.  But i was so motivated, with each of You looking closely into my eyes as i struggled on the deep throat devices.  It is a very powerful submission for me to maintain intense eye contact with You or Mistress Hecuba during the pain and humiliation, to fully submit and surrender what male ego still remains to Your dominant whims.  It is such an honor for me to perform for You, and i hope to be able to do better for You next time.

And, i know how much You and Mistress Hecuba enjoyed the slime and tears and drool as You took turns fucking my throat with Your cocks.  i so totally love being reduced to a messy quivering slug by the aggression of Your cock, my face fully slimed.  It is such an honor to be fully abused in this way.

Finally the time on the SK machine was excellent, as it totally fits my objectification fetish.  How i love being used, and seeing You work on the latest vision in Your Sadistic mind, whether with the SK or whatever tools and devices.  It will be fabulous to see all the capabilities and options for longer term torture that this machine will provide to You.

Thank You again for arranging the participation with Mistress Hecuba, it was such a thrill to have You set me up for the abuse and humiliation at Her hands too.


AUGUST 2023 [two hour slave training session with My slave]

Thank you for visiting your slave. I appreciate everything you do for Me! As for My training… it was amazing! i don’t know what made me ask you to make me cry, Ma’am. You began by placing the clamps on my nipples and said, “I can layer on as many treatments as I want and there is nothing you can do about it, is there, My slave?” That, coupled with your leather gloved fingers in my mouth, making me suck them, going just deep enough to not make me gag left me feeling neutralized because you had taken all control away from me and my thoughts. You made me melt with Your words and made me crave total submission as I cried for you. It was an amazing and brutal feeling. i love when You push my limits, making it hurt for Your pleasure.

i felt so helpless when You lead me into the shower stall. As i sat on the floor and You let your Golden flow all over me, i felt so helpless and belittled but still loved the feeling of your power over me. Thank you for genuinely disciplining me for my actions when i forget to ask for permission. i love You so much for your genuine Female-led relationship with me, Goddess. Overall, this had to be one of the best training sessions i have ever had under Your Monarchy, Goddess Alexandra!

AUGUST 2023 [four hours and several challenges including suspension bondage, invasive medical play, and intense, prolonged sensations]

Thank You again for another fabulous session.  Always new and exciting challenges!

The enema training was very new to me.  Great for the humiliation kink.  i had trouble holding for the soap and pee version, but was able to be more capable for the water only rinse.  And i enjoyed the opportunity to demonstrate my cock sucking performance while holding the enema for You.

The needle play was intense.  As You know, we hadn’t done needle play for some time, so it was a rush getting back to it.  i do take it as an accomplishment to have taken all Your needles in the thighs and in the cock.  i am of course open to further training in areas that You prefer, but appreciate Your being very careful in how quickly You are pushing me.

Bringing in the electrical was outstanding.  The adhesive horseshoe around the base of my balls was very effective, distributing the current very smoothly and widely.  As You turned up the level the throbbing and thumping in my balls was excellent.  This was not too painful at first, but over time the balls became sore internally, which was a new experience. Adding the electrical sound was, as You could tell, very very effective.  i could apologize for the babble and bluster of my conversation, as You pushed and required me to be speaking in full sentences for You, but i do know that such babble is actually a sign that You have demeaned and reduced Your slave to such an incoherent object.  With my head mummified, i couldn’t tell how You were using the sound.  The throbbing from the sound was not constant … which was actually very threatening.  As You turned the power up higher and higher, i would receive 3 or 4 strong throbs, then, nothing for a few beats, then suddenly 2 or 3 more, etc.  Very unsettling not knowing when the throbs would return.  And when they were running, they were a very strong and deep surge fully down to the base of my cock. One very interesting aspect of the electrical sound, to me anyway, is the way that it applies the surge very deep to the base of the cock.  It actually feels like it is directed at the muscle that controls the release of sperm … which also seems to be sensitized by a catheter in place.  And, very importantly for my own head space, this is the very spot deep inside my body where i would receive pleasure from an orgasm. So, what is very effective, is that the electrical sound is perfect to direct punishment into the very spot where a male would normally receive sexual please.  This torture is highly directed to abuse and punish the spot most important to a normal male.  Thus my incoherent sputtering about You destroying and wrecking me internally.  As You turned up the power and continued to surge the current though my body there, it is a perfect example of my male characteristics being punished and reduced and decimated.

This takes humiliation and objectification play to a new level, seeming to extract and obliterate the last elements of me as a natural male.  With these mental aspects so powerful for me, i was then asking You to turn the power up higher and higher.  Then hearing You laughing at my predicament just causes me to need to suffer harder for You.  Such a delectable spiral down into the depths of my complete submission to You!

For the last scene of the session, it is always exciting for me to undertake Your latest new predicament, and very interesting that You are working in the suspension area these days.  i quite enjoy being patient and pliable as You work up Your latest creation.  There is a mental teasing aspect as You slowly reveal the intent of Your plan, and i am so fulfilled by the smile on Your face and Your comments as You assemble the pieces and adjust the predicament to Your liking.

Thank You for the allowance of the release.  As you could tell, even though my junk had been abused and reduced by the electrical torture, the Venus was quite effective in getting it back to life.  Even in that position with my legs drawn up so high, i was surprised at how quickly i was ready to cum.  You had been clear in the intent that You wanted, so i wanted to deliver a nice load of cum to my face and mouth.  Unfortunately, we ended with mostly dribble on my stomach, but i am pleased that You wiped some fully across my face anyway.  As You know, after an orgasm a slave’s commitment can dramatically reduce, so i appreciate You being firm with my cum humiliation.

i know that You quite enjoy messing up Your slaves faces, and having me reduce to a slimy cocksucker for You is a fabulous reward for me.  i love You forcing the tears and snot from me for Your laughter and entertainment. Adding cum eating along with Your wonderful Golden is an honor.

Lastly, the orgasm from the release was very painful, due to the previous abuse of my internals by Your electrical torture.  So, while the release was gratifying, it turned into an extended painful torture of its own.

Thank You for the opportunity to train and serve under Your guidance, for Your enjoyment and entertainment.

APRIL 2023 [five hours with an enthusiastic and devoted slave]

Hello Alexandra —- Thanks again for a fabulous session on Monday.  i am always amazed at how organized You are, and the time You take to fully prepare Your agenda.  There is nothing “canned,” i know You think carefully of what games and challenges You want to undertake, for Your own entertainment, but also considering my interests.  i do quite appreciate the time and effort that You put in.

MARCH 2022 [5 hour hotel room scene introducing a lovely, new submissive to a slew of new experiences]

Thinking back to our first correspondences with each other, being very nervous and not really knowing what to expect, I quickly realized you were someone that had a strong passion and professionalism for your craft and a desire to create a safe space allowing others like myself to let go, be vulnerable & explore a side of oneself they might not be aware of otherwise. I certainly can say without a doubt that it holds true after the mind altering experience you provided to me last Sunday. Domina Alexandra, I appreciate & respect all the time & energy you put into that session and all the sessions you craft for many others seeking to submit themselves before you and be granted the privilege to serve a true Domme of your caliber. I felt a sense of relief & accomplishment after reading your words of how pleased you were with my offerings & sufferings of submission. The planning, creativity, personal investment and everything else you put into our session, I feel needed to be reciprocated to you on my part by serving your needs & desires to the best of my abilities. I’m sure not many people can take a simple hotel room and transform its amenities into a fully functioning dungeon for pleasure, torture and pain the way you can Domina Alexandra. I’ll always carry with me a different perspective for futons and doorway rails that’s for sure.

Concentrating all my efforts on each step taken as I ascended to your room, my breathing became short & heavy along with my heart feeling as if it was going to rip from my chest. I knocked on your door. The pause after felt like an hour, allowing a million things to run through my head during those few seconds before you opened the door & discovering what was waiting for me on the other side. It’s hard to put into words the moment that I anticipated for so long and the closest thing I had up to that point was her website and emails instructing me not have any sexual release for the next 16 days. Then to have it all materialize in front of me in an instant & this Woman whose alluring looks command nothing short of any man’s dreams, desires and fantasies is now present in the flesh instructing me to greet her with a kiss to each of her very tall, very black & very shiny boots… I was very willing and eager to submit myself to you at that moment. This was just one of the tasks described in our correspondents that ran over & over in my mind making my days of restricted release a challenge… Thank you, Domina Alexandra! The silk panties, bra & nylons felt nice against my freshly shaven body. The outfit and accessories definitely help with letting go and transforming from one’s vanilla persona to something much more desired. Starting the day’s activities off with the enema was a strange but enjoyable sensation. You definitely showed your passion & fetish for them in the way you administered it so effortlessly. I would have had a mess on my hands for sure. I like the way it left me feeling clean and empty once everything was expelled. Which was short lived by invading my rectum with one of your marvelous collections of butt plugs. Having never been plugged for such a long period of time, I loved having the plug inside of me and then every once in a while sitting just right reminding me “hey buddy I’m still here”. I will be investing into some plugs of my own and working on sizing up, so when we meet again I can hopefully take on bigger plugs and a pegging by one of those larger cocks of yours. Speaking of cock, Thank you for allowing me to worship yours so intimately and turning me into your little cock sucking sissy. You look so amazing in all your shiny latex and that big black rubber cock between your legs it was impossible to not want more and more of it. I found it to be very arousing and pleasurable having you holding my head down while I gagged & struggled to take the whole thing in while stretching my throat out. I would be reminded of this scene for the next few days from having a bit of discomfort with swallowing due to the workout my throat took. I am very grateful for it because with pain comes growth. The predicament bondage was a new experience all together. It kept me on my toes in a literal sense… it’s such a mind game of what do you want to hurt less now only to sacrifice another part of your body with more pain…. what to do? what to do?… take it and love it. Moving onto the heavy bondage and mummification scene was absolutely mind blowing but yet so very relaxing and comforting you could have kept and tortured me for hours and hours with no end in sight. The compression of the corset, the sensation of the nylon body stocking, “which made those tits look even more flattering on me by the way”, adding the straps, plastic wrap, then topping it off with rubber hood, penis gag & head immobilizer, sent me on a dream-state vacation not wanting to return for sometime. It left me with a need for heavier, more restrictive and lengthier bondage scenes. The electrical stimulation mixed with sounding was everything and more I could have imagined it would feel like. The sounding was something I really had a strong desire and curiosity to experience, so thank you for making that happen and expanding my senses to that type of medical play. I can check that off the BDSM bucket list… boom!

With everything that was going on and all the new sensations I was experiencing, what stood out the most was your concern for my safety and the way you kept checking in on me to make sure things were not going in a dangerous direction. That’s the kind of trust that allows so many to let go completely and be pushed to their limits and beyond knowing someone’s there ready to catch them. The time and conversation we had before parting ways was something so simple you offered me, but had a big lasting effect on bringing everything to a close & was a pleasure to have. You said you don’t usually play for more than a few hours with people you have not previously met or are new to BDSM, but I believe that only adds to your testament of just how great, masterful & dedicated you are at creating experiences that bring people’s fantasies to life. I’m sure all that have had the privilege to serve you would agree and we can never Thank you enough. So….. Thank you again for what was an amazing time and experience that has left me changed for the better.

NOVEMBER 2021 [depiction of a 6 hour scene involving pony play, e-stim, AT, objectification, CBT/NT, bondage written by banana cabana boy]

Greeting me at the Studio dungeon door, Mistress Alexandra held torture and degradation behind a sly, inviting smile of red lipstick. There was malice on her mind. But that’s what I came for.

It had been 4yrs since our last encounter, since I last knelt at her feet to kiss Mistress’ exquisite stiletto heels in submission. I was looking to lose myself in an extended subspace experience by requesting a 6hr appointment. I had missed my Mistress. I had missed her steely grip on my libido and kinky heart, how she would manipulate me with that weakness.

Before one is allowed to carry her upon one’s back as Mistress’ personal pony there are certain preparations to be made: Having fetlocks wrapped. Tail must be anally inserted. Pony should be saddled. Pony needs a thorough grooming. Using brushes of varying coarseness Mistress smoothed and unsnarled my tatty equine coat. Raking them over me from head to toe, hundreds of bristles chafing and scratching my skin. Targeting  previously double clamped, tender nipples. It was excruciating. It was divine.

Following a prescribed path about the room I bore Mistress Alexandra proudly, if a bit unsteadily, as her steed. She seemed amused at my difficulty in traversing a raised platform, and with trepidation stepping down off it. For further amusement I was to repeat bearing her over, across, and down the platform a second time, all the while being warned not to drop Mistress. I successfully completed this task and was rewarded with a full sniffing of Mistress’ leather riding boots. The deep musk created from her legs warming the leather tickles my lungs.

Laying on my back, legs splayed, lifted and shackled to the bondage bed posts, hands restrained, Mistress Alexandra has been taking full advantage. I’m wired for electricity! Wires to my nipples! Wires to my penis! All leading back to the pulse control box held by her. In quick sparks I receive electric pinpricks to my nipples. In mounting waves the head of my penis goes from a comfortable, pleasant buzzing sensation to an overwhelming, SCREAMING FRISSON! I writhe, I scream! All the while Mistress adjusts her vantage point, from my chest to sitting on my face, as she infuses the voltage. Eventually my head becomes her improvised ottoman as she plays the knobs of the control box and has me massage her feet. Why should my predicament deprive her of serviceable pleasure?

And after all of this, still shackled, Mistress inserts a plug into my ass. It is an expandable plug to which she begins to pump air and my bung hole is getting larger. And then larger. And larger still! And releases the air. Aaaaaah… And starts over again! And again, and again… While totally enjoying my discomfort Mistress Alexandra states an incomprehension as to the attraction of anal expansion. I never mentioned any enjoyment or preference for this activity. I endure the pain and discomfort at the pleasure of my Mistress.

Answering the question, “When is the perfect time to refresh her makeup”?

With legs still up and bound and butt plug secured and nipples tightly clamped in pain… Where did Mistress go? I’ve been abandoned! Raising my head from the bondage bed I spot her close in at one of the full mirrors at the end of the bed. Mistress turns around and mentions she had to reapply her lipstick.

Whenever she wants.

Six hours in a BDSM environment is a long time, and my perception of time became nonexistent. But I was lost in subspace with as experienced, as sadistic, as beautiful a dominatrix as my hunger could desire.

Six hours with Mistress Alexandra Sadista makes me hungry for more.

AUGUST 2021 [Playdate in Detroit]

Thank You so much for tonight. i had an amazing time and know why i missed Your visits so much over the last 18 months…

i loved that You decided to use my beard and were climbing all over me while doing the predicament bondage portion of the play. It made me want to take all that pain for You and it made me so happy that i could see that joy on Your face. The play with Your gloves, whether it was just teasing me with them as You stroked my face or the face slapping that followed really drove me into subspace. i must admit the punching was a shock, by the time You got done it was actually very painful and i seriously did enjoy the combination of how much You got into it and how intimate You made it…

It was the second “half” of the session that really, really has me going even now.  In fact, keeping my hands off of myself for this week has never really been that difficult, but thinking back on the whole scenario You did while i am writing is actually driving me insane since i am still on Your mandated lockdown and can’t touch my engorged member. The heavy chains binding me, the hood, then the combination of the sounds and the electrical all while being fully “dressed” for You was absolutely the best that i could imagine, then it got even better. my mind was in complete overload with all that was going on yet i was totally focused on trying to work out the pain for You. Each time You turned up the electrical it became even better. my goal was to totally focus on pleasing You and doing the best job i could trying to make sure not to even outwardly react in a way that would effect the foot rub itself. i wish we could have continued on like that for hours and i would gladly have taken much more just to be able to please You. Thank You again for an amazing session.

NOVEMBER 2019 [OTK spanking, CBT, predicament bondage, AT play date with sissy v]

It was wonderful seeing You and being Your birthday plaything.  This was one of the hottest scenes i have every experienced!  You looked so beautiful and sexy, Mistress Alexandra.  sissy v often gets away with gentler sessions by trying to be nice and sweet.  Thank You for seeing through that facade, raising the bar and putting v in her place – at Your feet or tied up and serving is where she belongs!  The over the knee spanking was a perfect way to start the session.  Sensual but strict, letting me know sissy dress up time was over.  Your sissy bitch v thanks You!  Having to endure some pain or discomfort to earn the privilege to kiss Your beautiful body was so worth it.  sissy v actually loved the anal hook.  i love being placed in predicament bondage and i felt so helpless but always safe in your presence.  The mouth gag was fun, and being blindfolded some of the time added to the fear and sensation.  The CBT was definitely some of the most intense I have experienced.  Even after the weights and tension was removed I was still in agony.  Having to move forward to kiss your bottom/thigh was exhilarating – I was hurting but you are so sexy I had to get a kiss!  And last but not least the s/o play was out of this world.  Maybe the best I have ever had.  It was slow and sensual at first and the way you built up to a crescendo was simply amazing.  It is a good thing sissy v’s clitty was all tied up because she probably would have squirted all over the place otherwise!  I woke up the next morning still extremely turned on and excited!  And the last bit of naughtiness was a perfect ending.  Mistress put sissy v in such a state of servitude and overload I would have done anything You wanted.  Thank You, Mistress!


It’s hard to believe it’s been almost 3 years since we last met. There have been many wonderfully kinky things going on in my life and I feel I owe most of that to you. I am eternally grateful for what you taught me about submission and servitude. Ironically, seeing you has made my relationship with my wife much stronger.  After our sessions I decided to give up the societal expectations of the typical vanilla relationship.  I decided to give up pursuing my sexual needs and serve my wife’s needs instead.  I placed myself in many subservient situations and positions and her dominance blossomed.  We have acquired quite the collection of fetish clothing, bondage gear, floggers, crops, queening stools, chastity cages and other sweet nastiness! Interestingly the more control I have surrendered, the more of my needs have been met.  I believe the chastity cage has been life changing and  I’m locked now as I write this! Power and trust make for an intoxicating brew. I never thought that going without orgasms would be so damn satisfying for me.  I am filled with gratitude for you and cannot thank you enough for improving our lives!


Oh my…  I’d just like to say thank you for such a memorable session.  I’m still processing it, to be honest, and expect I will be for some time.  As willing as you made me at the time, I would not have predicted being able to follow through in the way you led me to perform.  I don’t even like cold pizza! I am glad that I was allowed to leave the last portion – thank you for stopping when we did. You really are very seductive, and mesmerizing – looking at you while you discussed your plans meant any resistance would have been futile.  Your outfit was perfect but of course now I want to come back, even if just to see and admire more of your body art, as I am sure it is quite something to behold.  I could only get a small sense of it through the fabric you were wearing.  Your golden flood (it would be unfair to call that a shower) was a wonderful way to start – I think you realized I was yours to play with from that point on.

I have no idea if and when I will be back in Chicago again, but the city now has an extra secret place in my consciousness, right next to an image of your rather knowing and devilish smile.

JUNE 2019 [Introduction to BDSM including heavy bondage, electrics, and more]

I really cannot even begin to adequately express my thanks and appreciation for the work you do.  Your skill level and attention to detail were quite impressive.

As for my thoughts on our scene.  I visibly felt so nervous about being a first timer and my lack of experience going in as you could tell but your attitude and demeanor really put me at ease almost immediately which further assured me I made the right choice in picking someone with your level of experience and professionalism.

The (leather) sleep sack and CBT part of our scene was indescribably amazing and definitely my favorite part.  I had no idea you did that much with the rope to tie me down until I saw the picture you took.  It was very impressive and didn’t seem like I was in there long enough for you to do all that.  It honestly felt like I was only in there for a few minutes so I was surprised when you took me out and we only had an hour left.  Time flies when you are having fun I suppose as they say.

I enjoyed trying electrics for the first time as well and am very interested in exploring that much further in the future.  The clothespins as nipple clamps was the most painful thing by far but I liked it anyway.  The brief medical exam you gave me was exciting and something I would be interested in exploring further as well.  I loved the electro butt plug and everything about the way you tied me to the table and… I was not worthy of worshipping your latex either but thank you for allowing me to anyway.

I only regret that I didn’t schedule more time which I am sure is a very common thing.  Three hours has never gone by so fast in my entire life.  I just want to thank you so much for everything.  You were absolutely wonderful and I could not have dreamed of a better first time for me.

MARCH 2019 [Rendezvous in Boston]

Mistress, thank you for another incredible session.  After probably 60-70 previous sessions these last 2 were far and away the best. I have always considered myself more of a fetish/fantasy player, not submissive.  But I have always wanted to find a Mistress who would push my limits.  You have done that beyond expectations.

Besides being incredibly attractive you seem to know exactly what I’m looking for in a session.  Without going into details, you had me do things I never thought I would. I cannot wait until your next visit and hope (Boston) becomes a regular stop for you.


Oscar Wilde rented rooms in East London ostensibly to write undisturbed. Really he was immersing himself in a gay underworld.  Feasting with panthers is what he called his indulgences.

Last Sunday we feasted with panthers.  Sleek sinewy panther is a perfect image of You.

NOVEMBER 2018 [slave-training]

It can never come quickly enough, the initial moment I serve you as your chauffeur and pick you up.  You look so amazingly beautiful and powerful! I wait to kiss the hand that feeds my addiction to BDSM.  i need to wear your collar to make my place in your life complete.  Your bondage and tortures are so exquisite, i love it!  As you tortured me your sadistic laugh made me surrender to You deeper. i feel so helpless and subservient.  i loved kissing and worshipping your boots as You tortured me.  The latex body bag was amazing!  i loved you smothering me with your hand, it made it feel uneasy and helpless being in the very tight, hot bondage.  At the end of the evening you had me give you a foot rub.  You made me feel like that’s where I belong, by your side, at your feet, as your slave.  Thank you, Goddess, for the reward of being your slave and the treat of your champagne.  I crave the helplessness, the surrender.  You have a way of making me feel like I should always be with You as Your subservient sufferer.


I loved serving You.  It was probably the best session of my life.  you are even hotter in person than I had hoped for.  I hope to see you again in the near future.

APRIL 2018

For the whole day today I was still blown away by the rhythm of our play and the levels you have taken me. It is the kind of play I was looking for for a long time, testing boundaries, experiencing new variations, and most important serving a stunning and creative Mistress.  The two times we have played so far I always wished that the sessions would never end.

APRIL 2017

When Medieval cartographers were charting the seas for wayfaring vessels to navigate by and got to the edges of known existence they would draw icons to communicate a sense of fear and awe that translate as, “THIS WAY THERE BE DRAGONS!”

As always Mistress Alexandra Sadista ushers me into the dungeon with a warm greeting and a smile of anticipation.  I bow to Her feet and kiss Her black stiletto platform boots.  Two pecks each. Once I have disrobed Mistress is ready to play Her rhapsody of pain and degradation upon My submissive form.

What could be a finer means to blaspheme than to mock crucifixion on Sunday morning?  Wrapping my arms to a bamboo pole that extend across my shoulders with plastic wrap, Mistress secures them to a higher beam holding me upright and helpless.  High pressure loo[ ended clamps are snapped onto my exposed nipples, elastic rubber band is wound about my genitals and lead through the loops on the clamps, and then pulled tightly back to the balls. Mistress Alexandra presents Her arm pits for me to inhale their sharp, pungent scent as well as Her feet to my face for my mouth to worship Her beautiful boots.  To complete this passage of O/our scene one of Mistress’ high cut street boots is tied like a mask over my face, reducing my identity to that of a shoe.

Enemas can be used as a cleansing ritual or, as my Mistress was wont that day, a means for experimentation.  With me as Her specimen my bowels were subjected to mounting concoctions of various ingredients: still water, soda water, jalapeño juice, and eventually Ms Alexandra’s very piss! Inserting the hose of the enema bag up my rectum, I was made to endure copious amounts of liquids filling me up beyond the point of retention!  Holding my sphincter tightly, ever so tight, Mistress escorted me, ever so slowly, to the bathroom savoring my enormous discomfort and desperation. and then blocking the front of the toilet to keep me squirming deliriously, ridiculously, before allowing me access.

As my tormentor, Mistress applied this same routine four times with the last one including the insertion of a banana, and every time Her pleasure in holding me from my release showed more and more jubilantly on Her face. There was glee in Her voice.  This was Her fun.

For O/our finale it was decided that I shouldn’t be let to leave without being significantly marked; a physical reminder of O/our time.  A signature.  Arms tied behind my back, gagged, blindfolded, I was bent over the bondage table, ass in the air, to await an impending flogging as Mistress collected Her tools.  Agreeing on five strokes per implement (I had a choice?) it turns out that would be five strokes per buttock, and that every cane, strap and whip would require a “warming up” period of an undetermined number of strikes.

And STRIKE my Mistress did! With biting rounds that left my ass and thighs red, welted,… striped.  Several days later these bloomed to full, deep purple bruises that remain tender.

With Her suite of tortures complete Mistress Alexandra seemed satisfied that I was going to leave fully affected inside and out, knowing I would only crave more.  In parting I left as I had greeted Mistress, at Her feet with my lips under Her boots.  DRAGONS.


i had a wonderful time last week suffering for You, and learning how to serve You.  The more i spend time with You, the more devotion I feel towards you.  In a way, this is the lifelong dream i have dreamed about!  The more we play, the deeper i fall into your spell.

As for the suffering and torture…  Well, You’re just the best!  You clamped and crushed my balls and electrocuted them! O uch!  You were so happy, Your laugh, smile, just the sound in your voice made me feel the elation you were feeling.  THEN!  The staple gun!  It is so hard for me to say no to you.  i was terrified.  You told me me how much it turns you on, and it turns me on too!  Then you let me lick and kiss your latex clad hand, what a turn on!  Your hands, fingers, nails are one of my favorite fetishes!

You have a way of making me feel so helpless.  Just like when you caned me.  i love when you break me down to feel helpless, vulnerable, and cry for You.  Then reprogram me to love and cherish You.  i need to be controlled, manipulated, and brainwashed for Your pleasure.  It is my calling!


The first thing to remember is She had my scrotum.  Her sharpened fingernails dug into the underside of my balls as I was lead through the dungeon.  Palming my privates She kept me in step, lifting me to my toes to enforce Her pace and Her will.  This is how I was escorted by Mistress Alexandra toward O/our afternoon’s Theatre of Sadism.

As Mistress bound and shackled me to a fixture on the wall Her firm, strong body pressed into mine.  Working to secure Her belt, Her dark, raven hair brushed my face making me dizzy as I took in a waft of Her scent.  Teasingly, She asks,.”How do I smell”?  Ethereal; seeming to belong to another world. She smelled ethereal.

I ask, what’s a Mistress to do when her slave du jour fails to perform as a proper specimen for her devious experiments?  A failure thrice over, yet.
– An amusing, bubbly champagne enema? Unable to retain.
– A fiery, hot sauce anal hook? Too pussy to maintain.
Two strikes earned me a strong and stern flogging peppered with stinging spanks.  My howls of pain only enlivened the flames dancing behind my Mistress’ eyes.

My chance at redemption came in the form of hot, molten candle wax poured on my genitals, encasing them in a hardened shell.  Or that would have been the outcome if I hadn’t brought things to a halt by throwing down the safe word…  Again.

Strike three!

Again.  Again I’d disappointed Mistress by spoiling Her carefully considered plans for my endless suffering.  After my ass whoppin’ you’d think I would be nothing if not all kinds of obedient.  But my weakness only lead to a humiliating penance.

Sodomy is a particularly personal means of dominance. In the heterosexual world, a socially repugnant act of invasive aggression.  Mistress Alexandra held me down with Her full weight on the back of my legs while I was laid out, face down on the bondage bed.  The thrusts of Her cock into My anus were Her statement of ownership and control.  “Learn your place, obey Me with absolute devotion, or suffer the consequences”, would be my lesson.  In any case, Mistress let me know who owned this ass.

Days later my ass is still reminding me of the lessons learned that day.  I’m sure Mistress has plenty more to teach on my next visit.


i just wanted to say thank You! i had a wonderful time playing with You on Saturday.  It was a pleasure like no other. my years of honing my desires with respect to the fetish/BDSM lifestyle brought me to You.  i enjoyed everything from your alluring beauty to your sadistic style.  The toilet experience that I had with You has definitely increased my desire to want to consume more.  I look forward to our next encounter and what You have in store for me then.  You have a new loyal toilet in xxxxxxx.


Thank you for a wonderful and absolutely amazing session, especially for the first meeting.  I am completely wired and I thank you.  You are a stunning, and exceptionally energetic experience creator.


A picnic within a dungeon would be a particularly odd choice if not for the fact that we, Mistress Alexandra Sadista and myself, were celebrating  Hallowe’en and Mistress’ birthday on a date somewhere between the two.  In which case, this may have been the last bit of sense to be made of that afternoon.

Laying out a plastic sheet as a blanket on the dungeon floor to set our picnic upon, Mistress Alexandra was eager and excited that her birthday week had begun!  Placing two paper plates down on the sheet, one for each of us, she asked where had I put the cake?  Um, cake?  I was bringing a cake?  I had some candles, but no cake.  “What good are birthday candles without a cake to put them on?”, she asked (her tone quite dour).  Explaining that a cake had never been mentioned was the equivalent of hanging a sign around my neck stating, “Stupid lives here”, with an arrow pointing to my head.  Angrily she accuses me of earlier wasting time jerking off when I should have been more concerned with HER cake!  Mistress hastily undoes my belt and strips down my pants to display exactly where my deficit lay- my brains were in my dick.  Naturally, I would have to suffer for such an erroneous male failing.  If I had any objections they were not to be heard.  With my clothes fully off she stuffed my own socks into my mouth and swiftly duct taped them in, winding the tape about my head several times.  After blindfolding me Mistress changed clothes, donning a shiny, black patent leather corset with matching uniform cap, black, thigh high stiletto boots and a red latex thong.  Her business clothes.  Time to go to work… on me!

For the next two and a half hours I was made to endure the wrathful ministrations of a dominatrix whose only forgiveness lie in my repentant, physical suffering.  My ass was struck, striped and welted while I was bent over the bondage table.  Starting with Mistress’ hands in a rapid cascade of slaps, and moving on to several instruments that left stinging reminders for days.  An abstract assortment of red and purple bruises, blotches and sharp lines were carved into my buttocks.  My muffled yelps and yowls were to be given full volume after Mistress Alexandra removed the duct tape from over my mouth and head.  There is no mercy with this adhesive.  It was torn from my skin in starts and stops.  A slow pull and then abrupt yank.  And again until it was off.  With an ample amount of hair, I’m sure.  This was of the utmost amusement to Mistress.  Oh, so much fun to watch me flinch and grimace…

GOD DAMN IT!  She got me.  God dammit, she got me good!  I ask, what kind of cunning, vile mind comes up with this shit!  An extraordinary one, I assure you.


Your handiwork is blooming in full Technicolor plum purples and deep prune.  Where as this morning presented more scarlet splotching.  Every so often, over the course of my day, I would experience a quick twinge of pain from them or a brief, numb, ache.  I sense you smiling.

MARCH 2015

I wanted to thank you again for Thursday evening.  You helped ease me into my first session with a ProDomme, while still managing to push my boundaries within my limits.  I have to admit I was quite nervous beforehand, not knowing exactly what to expect.  This is something that causes me great anxiety, and one of the reason why I have a hard time going out to larger social events to meet new people.  But it didn’t take long for me to feel at ease in sub space, kneeling at your feet.  It felt where I belonged, able to simply be myself without the usual mask I have to wear to blend into society.  The entire experience was highly enjoyable and felt very therapeutic for me.  Submission is a natural aspect of myself, and one I truly enjoy being able to explore and share with others.  For as long as I can remember, I have always viewed Women as deserving admiration and worship.  I’m glad I was able to share this positive experience with you, and I hope to have a session again in the future.

JULY 2014

Right up front, i am honored to have been Your choice to fulfill a personal perversity and happy i was up to the physical challenges.  You seemed very proud and pleased in making me Your “Vase a la Sphincter”.  i truly appreciate the thought and time You spent on this.  Your humiliations are eeevilly and gleefully played out and i pray to be useful in more of Your cruel and beauteous visions.

You’ll be happy to know all of Your lovely marks are blooming quite nicely and making me wince at every seating. my birthday was several weeks ago and i consider myself fully spanked and caned in celebration thereof.  Wow, You sure enjoyed filling me up to my limit with that enema.  The nozzle being inserted, and my bowels and intestines expanding and bloating while You look upon my increasing discomfort is a humiliation i am happy to endure as i see You smile at my helplessness.

I expressed this before we parted, my love of our time together Wednesday could not have been more optimally shocking, unexpected and desirable.  Certainly, being a man, i have perused other Mistresses web sites.  This having been our third session i can definitely say You are a Domme of singular variety.  You define You and all others are riding coach.  YOU are it!!

APRIL 2013

I have a New Fetish.

The energy was high as she dressed in amazing latex from head to toe.  After warming my cock and balls, I soon found out that Mistress is very skilled at cbt and cbb.  She doesn’t need tools as for she has a wicked slap!  She instructed me that I needed to take the pain if I wanted rewards.  She continued to violate my cock and balls making nice shades of purple, slapping, flicking and flogging.  Mistress was eager to use the cock and ball stand device.  Soon after, she started to fuck my cock hole, sliding the rod deep and repeated it more times than I could count.  As she was not near done violating my cock and balls she has me lay on the bondage table and Mistress is right back at it with the sounds fucking my hole.  She starts teasing me with her latex, letting me feel and smell, not knowing what was going to happen next.  Mistress then starts smothering and sitting on my face as she gets the joys of violating my cock and balls with the violet wand.  She says I am turning it up all the way, how could I say no when I had Mistress nice latex ass sitting on my face?

Seeing Mistress strutting around in hot latex with a nice black s/o, I could not wait, eager to impress.  Mistress tells me how she likes to have her subs gag and suck her cock.  She warms me up, then she starts fucking my man pussy hard and putting every motion into, soon she realizes than I am enjoying it to much.  “We need to upsize cause you are such a slut”  She puts on a bigger cock and jumps right back into the hard long strokes.  As I am taking very hard stoke she continues to be smiling ear to ear and calling how good of a slut I am.  I am barely able to say Thank You Mistress as she continues to violate me going from slow to long to working it up to a very hard fast long pounding.  As she keeps fucking my man pussy, it seems I am falling into subspace as she continues to fuck me with no mercy!

Lastly Mistress brings on one last challenge.  My mind is spinning as I have never gagged on a cock and for that matter taken the whole thing, then going to a bigger size?  I wanted to end on a good note as for Mistress rewarded me earlier with a very good s/o fucking.  She warms me up and lets me work it at a slow pace, encouraging me, telling me how good I was doing, and how she likes watching me suck her black cock as saliva spit and drool is all over my mouth and her cock.  I get the first one down.  Then, on to the bigger one.  Mistress encourages me more by placing her hand on the back of my head and helps me hold her cock deep in my throat.  So eager to please Mistress I keep trying to go deeper, and finally she tells me that I was a good cocksucker.

OMG what an awesome session.  I can’t wait for the next time I gag and suck her cock in more ways.  This was the first session with Alexandra and can’t wait to session again, as for me she has rekindled the fire and now I have a new fetish!