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Really enjoyed, i mean REALLY enjoyed, Saturday afternoon in Your clutches. I find Your enthusiasm for sadistic expression thrilling! W/we’ve had two sessions together and i haven’t felt a single minute boring or formulaically repetitive. Often, when seeing other Mistresses in the past, They will create something that was done in previous sessions exactly as before. Like a cook at a restaurant prepares the same lasagna night after night. Instead You create something fresh and keep things lively.
In answer to the top question on Your mind, YES, i drove the whole 3hrs home marinading in Your PISS. i was mortified every mile of the way. i even HAD TO stop and get gas. i usually go inside and pay with cash, but hell no, i used a credit card and got out. When You told me to put my clothes on and keep the diaper i was unsure. But it was such a humiliation for my Mistress to ask of me, i had to obey. i had to open the car window several times and then put up a scented air freshener when i got home.
my ass is quite tender and the bruises quite crimson/purple. i am constantly being reminded of Your swift strokes at every seating. i’m sure You approve.
Love to hear that i am bringing new ideas to You and giving You first experiences with bananas and peppers. in fact, this was my first figging. i loved how it was carved and i think figging will remain on my “must do” list. Your handiwork was much appreciated.
i’m done prattling on, but suffice it to say, i was used well and well used. Just as i like it.
i’m repeating myself but it’s true- Your smart and sexy. Why would i see anyone else?
(Written November 4th, 2013)

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