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A Kink-Filled Weekend in Chicago

While I normally do not cross-promote the events I participate in, I made an exception on account of the full schedule that lies ahead of Me. Yes, you may stalk Me.


This evening, I am performing with Mistress Sophia Asphyxia at a weekly event I manage called SIN. In honor of the leather lifestyle, we will be bringing our favorite whips and chains, in addition to the standard fire torches and angle grinders. (Roscoe’s Tavern)

Tomorrow evening, I will be performing with ex-Domme Ammunition and the crazy crew from Porn and Chicken. Yes, there is actually porn on the screens, and fried chicken for the audience. (Bodi)

Saturday I team up with local band Catalyst and perform their stage as they rock out. (Nite Caps)

AND Sunday! The event I am looking forward to the most! Vespertine, a strictly Woman’s only Play Party run by Daddy Sky and Myself. Mistress Sophia Asphyxia, Ammunition and I will be performing BDSM demos including wet fire cupping, play piercing, and a violet wand/fire play combination. Looking forward to playing with the Ladies! Sorry, no penises allowed! (The Studio)

In addition, I will be attending the IML Leather Market with My boy who, thanks to some early self-exploration and My influence, has a newfound fascination and appreciation for all things CBB!

Have a Kinky weekend!


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