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Did you hear? you have the opportunity to show Me how much you enjoy My content and want to support Me in My kinky endeavors. Until 9/20, Studio owners will receive 120% commission for each video sold, BUT you MUST follow the link below or the links found on My social media platforms:

Sadista’s Kinky Domain: www.clips4sale.com/50845

And for your ongoing support, here is an offer for you. Purchase 5+ clips, email proof of purchase, get a 10+ min FemDom clip! Email your receipt to: IamyourFetish@gmail.com

And don’t forget, logged in customers and fans can click to +Follow Me to see My most recently added clips: https://www.clips4sale.com/account/follow/50845

Enjoy the kinky smut I take great pleasure in filming, for you.

Be Your Own Voyeur

Would you like to see yourself on the receiving end of My Treatments in a fully edited or a short series of edited videos? You now have the opportunity to request that part of our session be filmed in an unobtrusive manner, edited by Me for your viewing pleasure.

I have on numerous occasions been asked if I film My sessions, which is quite different from a video shoot. During a video shoot, professional gear is elaborately set up, there are concepts and plans made in advance, and the content filmed with the purpose of legal distribution. What I am offering here is for private use only, for you and perhaps your Owner / Mistress / Master / Wife / Husband / etc to enjoy with you. This is a great opportunity to document your journey as you will have the ability to see how well you performed, and which areas may need further training.

This content would not be filmed at the level of My professional videos in My clips stores. Using an iPad Pro and/or iPhone, I will capture the intimate moments of our time together. Of course if you wish for Me to use the more professional set-up, it will be considered for a tribute higher than the basic, more natural set up.

Email Me for tribute information and for more details: IamyourFetish@protonmail.com. Not all requests will be granted.

Fine Me on Loyal Fans & More

Good day, My loyal followers and those new to My Kinky Realm. I am asked with regularity how those that do not reside in Chicago or the cities I travel to can serve Me. There several ways to serve from afar, pick your preference.

you can subscribe to My page on the most recent platform I’ve joined, Loyal Fans which features multiple updates each week, discounts to most clips in My Video Store. Join now for $12.99/month.

you may binge on My FemDom, LezDom, BDSM, Fetish clips on both of My clips stores: Clips4Sale OR iwantclips. New videos coming soon.

you may request My attention in advance or catch Me on SextPanther for text conversation of a FemDom nature. For phone calls, schedule a call in advance via NiteFlirt.

Want to show your devotion by sending a gift? Any day is an excellent way to show your commitment to pleasing Me and supporting My Lifestyle. you have two options, Amazon and My preferred Wish List which is ideal for locals. For info on how to send monetary gifts, you may email Me at IamyourFetish@protonmail.com.

Of course you may follow Me on social media as well, but the level of engagement will be quite minimal or nonexistent, as you can imagine the number of direct messages I receive. Any session requests or queries are to be sent via My form on this website: www.IamyourFetish.com/contact

Bookmark this page so you may find Me and serve Me at any time: All My Links.

Have a lovely and very kinky day! I know I will.

Detroit Bound FEB 4-7

ATTN DETROIT! I am offering exhilarating and addictive BDSM experiences for adventurous and ambitious submissives and kinksters. Extensive or simple bondage, variety of sensory play and pleasurable intensity. Do you wish to serve and suffer for Me?

Fill out My form to apply to serve.

Sadista in Houston 12/10-13

Loyalty, respectful devotion, and the open minds of the ones that serve Me will keep Me returning to your city. Thank you, Detroit boys. It was a wonderful four days filled with a very wide range of play and kinky activities. Special thank you to My slave ss for your helpful service, and your suffering, this past weekend and throughout the years.

Houston, you’re next! Limited availability on Saturday, Dec. 10th through the morning of Tuesday, December 13th

TO BOOK: www.IamyourFetish.com/contact

What is your preferred flavor/s of BDSM? Simple or very elaborate bondage? Immobilization? Sensory deprivation and overload, with E-Stim, perhaps while wearing a leather or latex hood? Perhaps you enjoy a little breath play as well. Or – if you are a medical fetishist as I am, you may enjoy being emptied with My catheter or with an enema, then stretched beyond your limits in order to please Me. Piercings, cuttings, suturing, stapling are high on the list as well. So much more. See for yourself on this website.

Sessions will take place in a very well equipped private Studio just east of Downtown. It is the Dungeon I play in every time I visit Houston, so I know it quite well. Regardless, I always bring My favorite tools and implements for the scenes I will be partaking in. For this reason, it is best to inquire and book in advance. Do so before I am no longer available. Parking and shower facility available.

Oh – and, I know it will be sexy and hot inside the Dungeon, but let’s see to it that it warms up outside as well! See you soon, Texas.


Enter the Darkness, Freedom Awaits you.

There was no small talk. No in-person negotiation. All the necessary details were discussed prior to our meeting. The door slowly creaked open. My subject entered into a dimly lit hallway reeking of frankincense and myrrh incense. One hand closed the door, the other wrapped around his neck and pushed him against the wall, the weight of My body securing him in place. he surrendered and melted in My hands, the very hands that covered his mouth and invited a dark and alluring silence into our sacred space. Only one or two words escaped his mouth over the hours that followed.

After entirely encasing him in rubber, I came and went as I pleased. Time and breathing slowed. The moments he desperately longed for My touch seemed to last an eternity. The reverberating sound of My heels growing louder announced each return. My latex-gloved hands glided over his rubber-encased body, stopping to pull on the straps that held his limbs firmly in place. Immobile. Weightless. Silent. The sound of My voice brought him back, and then there was movement. The gurney began to roll, moving from one end of the Studio to the other, taking minutes to arrive in the suspension room. I unzipped the body bag a few inches, placed multiple e-stim attachments on his lower region, and toyed with the dials. Moans and whimpers only. I spent remainder of our time together exploring his endurance, adding obstacles for him to overcome. Nipples tightly clamped, stretched, the chains attached to the electrical hoist above him. Restrictive, inflatable hood with only a tube to breathe through, My gloved hands intermittently denying him that privilege. I sure do enjoy the sight of My encased rubber toys as they writhe and squirm for a gasp of air. They are reduced to a helpless pile of flesh at the mercy of My whims.

Immobilization. Rubber encasement. Straps and chains and medical tubing. Mummification. Inflatable devices. Invasive applications. Total sensory overload for hours on end. While My list is long and filled with a variety of treatments I enjoy administering, for some reason the aforementioned activities have been at the forefront as of late. This is partially due to request, but also because My recent subjects have simply needed the escape. I enthusiastically obliged each time.

Allow Me to quiet your brain, silence your thoughts. and safely guide you through an otherworldly journey into the darkest corners of your mind. Such beauty and freedom awaits you.


Houston Travel Booked August 5-7

I am returning to Texas during one of the hottest months out of the year. Am I crazy? No, but I do like to sweat, and I do produce an amazing aroma when perspire. Scent fetishists, that token of insight is just for you.

For everyone else…

I am excited to return and conduct My sessions in the very well equipped Vault belonging to Domina Shannon. Many varieties of bondage (immobilization, suspension, predicament, introduction for the curious), challenging scenarios, heavy sensory play, estim, sadism, rubber encasement… trust Me when I say these are all things I enjoy quite thoroughly and have focused on for most of the latter part of My 15 year career. I also offer FTT, foot worship, and any of the lighter activities I mention on this website. I am a sadist, but your pain is not a requirement.

Usually all My time is booked prior to My arrival, so it is in your best interest to fill out My form sooner than later to allow time for My booking process.

Looking forward to getting hot and sweaty with you, Texas!

Detroit June 24-26

I am returning to Detroit to see My boys and have a couple of slots open to new clients. Fill out this form to submit your request. I will be traveling with the appropriate gear to engage in extensive bondage scenes, place you in creative CBT predicaments, sensory play and deprivation, and medical fetishes such as play piercing, catheterization, suturing, and medical stapling. Inquiries and deposits must be submitted by June 22nd.

Upcoming Travel, Detroit, and More

Good morning, fellow Kinksters. I am about to depart for My annual trip to the southern hemisphere where I will be exploring the jungle, bathing in thermal pools, and dipping My body in the warm waters of the Pacific. Yes, this Goddess is a lover of nature in the tropics, warm/hot climates, and as many know I’ve a deep love for the ocean. I will be away as of this Friday until April 22nd.

Sessions will resume on Sunday, April 24th. If you wish to submit your application while I am gone, allow extra time for a response.

Exciting news for My bottoms and submissives! I have been adding high-quality items to My gear collection. I will soon own the Lovense Edge 2 toy, a Winter Fetish darlex sleep sack with multiple strategically-placed zippers, a rubber, inflatable sleep sack with several belts for a tighter squeeze, leather mitts and suspension cuffs, lots of latex tubing for medical bondage scenes, and more.

Once I return from My trip, the priority will switch to custom leather and latex attire for ME, as I have been itching for many new pieces. Those who wish to contribute to My collection can find opportunities on My Wish List. Surprise Me, you cannot go wrong with ANY of those items.

Regarding My most recent work trip… Well, Detroit simply never disappoints. Service began weeks before I even arrived, with one locked in chastity, another committed to abstaining per My order. Games were played, boys were teased and primed for Me (and their pleasure denied, of course). And it was clear upon their arrival that they were focused, excited, and ready to surrender themselves to Me. And it was evident after our play that each was left a better person, having explored new worlds, being pushed to new levels of intensity, deepening your submission.

One of My boys wrote a lovely letter of gratitude after our meeting, during which he experienced heavy bondage and immobilization, was placed in various predicaments, and enjoyed being on the receiving end of this enema fetishist. You may read it here: www.Iamyourfetish.com/interests/reviews/

I am feeling generous this morning, hence the multiple pics in this news post! Below are a few pics from a few memorable moments in My hotel room:

That is all for this morning. To My boys who won’t see Me for the next couple of weeks, stay focused and active in your service in whichever way you can. Goddess always notices your efforts. And to those who have not served or suffered for Me yet… WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

~Dominatrix Alexandra Sadista