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HOUSTON, TEXAS – April 19th-21st

UPDATE: Available time slots remaining are Friday the 19th from 9PM til 2AM and Sunday the 21st from 4:30PM til 8PM.

I have already started booking appointments in Houston, TX! I lived in the Montrose area and other parts of town for the majority of My childhood and young adult life. I am excited to return to see dear friends which will make My play time limited.

That said, be on your best behavior when contacting Me. Do make sure you include all the information requested when filling out My form. Do expect to send a deposit to confirm our time. It is more efficient for you to provide your exact availability rather than ask for Mine. If you are providing verifiable references, be sure to inform the ProDomina so She knows She will be contacted. Include pertinent information such as Her website URL or link to Her ad, phone, email, date of session, memorable details.

I will be conducting sessions at Domina Shannon’s Dungeon which is very well equipped and discreetly located near Downtown Houston and the Minute Maid Park. Bondage lovers, the furniture in this studio is perfect for you. The St. Catherine’s Wheel and metal cbt chair (see photo) has endless possibilities. I will be bringing My favorite personal items such as My electro torture kit, favorite whips and cbt/nt toys, and supplies for medical fetish scenes.

Medical fetish sessions are required to book in advance. I will not bring play piercing needles, catheters, sutures, medical staplers, enema supplies, etc unless you have arranged a scene with Me and sent a deposit.

FTT – I will only be seeing one FT while in town. Our appointment must take place in the morning on Saturday ending by 1PM or on Sunday afternoon after 1PM. I have been training new and experienced Ts for over a decade. Do not expect any physical contact or “t.p. service” as I do not allow it. your sole purpose is to be a toilet, and nothing else.

I will consider wardrobe requests that include latex, leather, lingerie, and fetish boots specifically seen in My photos, otherwise you are welcome to make a specific request and purchase (allow time for delivery).

you’ve a few weeks until I invade your city. Start making plans now.
~Dominatrix Alexandra Sadista

Once a Fetish, All Ways a Fetish

On a dark night with the moon and stars being our only source of light, we found just the right spot to do it. We wore only robes, as part of the thrill was to share this experience completely in the nude. he disrobed and got on all fours, without any direction from Me, and said “I am ready”. I smiled the wickedest of smiles (and My first of countless to come) and threw My robe off to the side. I straddled him, and without hesitation gave My first ever Golden Shower. I began pissing a ferocious piss on his back that splattered all over him, all over My legs, all over the grass around us. I stopped before I finished, as I wanted his position to change. “Now, you need to turn around and lower your body, tilt your head back, and open your mouth,” and before I finished My sentence, he was in position for Me to piss into his mouth. I repositioned Myself, this time using one hand to ensure My stream would be aimed towards his mouth. The other hand grabbed his shoulder length hair and moved his mouth into place. I continued to piss on him, until I was empty. But was I ever SO satisfied.

One never forgets their first time. Mine took place on an island when I was a minor, and they continue to occur with regular frequency and as much fervor and enthusiasm as the first.

NEW C4S CLIP: Featuring Alexandra Sadista and Goddess Sadie Hawkins

Starring: Dominatrix Alexandra Sadista, Goddess Sadie Hawkins, and sissy sapphire

With a hunger for cock, Goddess Sadie and I’s sissy arrived in her pink outfit ready to have her mouth abused. she attempted to simply speak, but it was clear her mouth was made solely for sucking cock. With a little direction from Goddess Sadie and I, she was on her knees and on her way to deep throating My pink cock. It was only a matter of time before I took over and face fucked My sissy, making her gag repeatedly and drool all over herself.

Category: Dildo sucking, sissy training, double Domme, deep throating
Length: 10 mins

This clip is available at www (dot) clips4sale (dot) com / 50845

Review written April 2017 by banana-cabana-boy

When Medieval cartographers were charting the seas for wayfaring vessels to navigate by and got to the edges of known existence they would draw icons to communicate a sense of fear and awe that translate as, “THIS WAY THERE BE DRAGONS!”

As always Mistress Alexandra Sadista ushers me into the dungeon with a warm greeting and a smile of anticipation. I bow to Her feet and kiss Her black stiletto platform boots. Two pecks each. Once I have disrobed Mistress is ready to play Her rhapsody of pain and degradation upon My submissive form.

What could be a finer means to blaspheme than to mock crucifixion on Sunday morning? Wrapping my arms to a bamboo pole that extend across my shoulders with plastic wrap, Mistress secures them to a higher beam holding me upright and helpless. High pressure loo[ ended clamps are snapped onto my exposed nipples, elastic rubber band is wound about my genitals and lead through the loops on the clamps, and then pulled tightly back to the balls. Mistress Alexandra presents Her arm pits for me to inhale their sharp, pungent scent as well as Her feet to my face for my mouth to worship Her beautiful boots. To complete this passage of O/our scene one of Mistress’ high cut street boots is tied like a mask over my face, reducing my idendity to that of a shoe.

Enemas can be used as a cleansing ritual or, as my Mistress was wont that day, a means for experimentation. With me as Her specimen my bowels were subjected to mounting concoctions of various ingredients: still water, soda water, jalapeño juice, and eventually Ms Alexandra’s very piss! Inserting the hose of the enema bag up my rectum, I was made to endure copious amounts of liquids filling me up beyond the point of retention! Holding my sphincter tightly, ever so tight, Mistress escorted me, ever so slowly, to the bathroom savoring my enormous discomfort and desperation. and then blocking the front of the toilet to keep me squirming deliriously, ridiculously, before allowing me access.

As my tormentor, Mistress applied this same routine four times with the last one including the insertion of a banana, and every time Her pleasure in holding me from my release showed more and more jubilantly on Her face. There was glee in Her voice. This was Her fun.

For O/our finale it was decided that I shouldn’t be let to leave without being significantly marked; a physical reminder of O/our time. A signature. Arms tied behind my back, gagged, blindfolded, I was bent over the bondage table, ass in the air, to await an impending flogging as Mistress collected Her tools. Agreeing on five strokes per implement (I had a choice?) it turns out that would be five strokes per buttock, and that every cane, strap and whip would require a “warming up” period of an undetermined number of strikes.

And STRIKE my Mistress did! With biting rounds that left my ass and thighs red, welted,… striped. Several days later these bloomed to full, deep purple bruises that remain tender.

With Her suite of tortures complete Mistress Alexandra seemed satisfied that I was going to leave fully affected inside and out, knowing I would only crave more. In parting I left as I had greeted Mistress, at Her feet with my lips under Her boots.


NEW C4S CLIP: Bitchboy’s Tight Pussy

Bitchboy’s Tight Pussy: Dominatrix Alexandra Sadista has Her bitchboy in town for a day of training. She binds him with leather and rope face down in a vulnerable position on the bondage bed, then prepares Herself for strap-on play. She quickly notices his man pussy is way too tight!!! After whining like the pussy he is, bitchboy asks that She use his mouth instead. Without replacing the condom, She begins to face fuck and deep throat his mouth, giving him a taste of the inside of his own ass. Clearly bitchboy is incapable of properly taking Her cock and needs to be trained further by a disappointed Domina Alexandra.










This clip is available at www (dot) clips4sale (dot) com / 50845

LENGTH: 11 minutes

If you are interested in being a bottom in FemDom videos, send an introductory note with “VIDEO SLAVE” in the subject line. At this time I am saving open slots for more experienced applicants who play on a higher, harder level. If you are a masochist, enjoy medical scenes, and have experience, contact Me asap. All levels are welcome to apply. Know that this is not “free play” and you will abide by My rules. A small donation and/or gift is required for the experience. In your application, include your experience level, description of videos you have been in, and a head shot. Unless you have body modifications or surgically altered body parts, I do not care to see you from the waist down.

Applications can be sent to


Vespertine presents the 13th Annual Queer Women’s Play Party in Chicago, IL on Sunday, May 28th – IML/ Memorial Day Weekend!

Our event on May 28th will feature Demos by Daddy Sky, Mistress Alexandra Sadista, Sophia Asphyxia, Miss Ammunition and Queerella Fistalot.

You MUST RSVP to with your legal name which matches your state issued ID and valid e-mail. Address sent upon RSVP. NO RSVP/NO ENTRY/NO EXCEPTIONS

Bring your own toy bag.
$20 per person, cash only.

VESPERTINE CHICAGO is open to all Women, and Transfolk, 18 years of age or older. If you are a woman,or you identify as a woman, and live your daily life as a woman; or are a Transmasculine person who still feels they have a connection with, and love of the kinky/leather/fetish women’s community, YOU ARE WELCOME!!

VESPERTINE CHICAGO encourages education in the fine fetish arts and interactive, hands on role playing, safe and consensual scene play and a person’s right to explore new and exciting ways to express themselves in a sexual manner, safely.

Leather/Latex/Uniform/PVC/Rubber/Goth/Kilts/Lingerie/Suit and tie or Dress to Impress.



Foot Fetish Party on May 6th: Pie Fiesta de Mayo

Hello, foot fetishists and worshippers!

The next foot fetish party is the Pie Fiesta de Mayo on May 6th! Hosted by Goddess Alexandra Sadista and Phil-latio-Foot plus Chicago’s hottest hostesses!

The party will have a Cinco de Mayo / Fetish theme.
Date: Saturday, May 6th at 8PM
Time: 8:00 PM – ? AM
Location: RSVP for address

Don’t be fooled by other parties! This is Chicago’s longest running foot fetish event. 15 years and counting! We feature the sexiest feet both from Chicago and also visiting from all across the globe. At every part you will meet a variety of Women who enjoy receiving kisses, massages and foot worship, being tickled, trampling, stomping, kicking, and having their toes licked and sucked! We invite only Women who truly enjoy foot worship!

RSVP Required for location: or

Drinks and snacks will be provided. Casual evening wear for men, cocktail dresses and casual evening wear for Women. Dress code is enforced. That means no jeans, tshirts, caps, tennis shoes. No disrespectful requests or nudity allowed, or you will be escorted out immediately.

What are you waiting for, RSVP now!

Thank you, Phoenix + LA!

Hello, all! It’s been a few weeks now since I returned from My West Coast travels, and I am happy to say any trace of the nasty virus I caught in LA has finally left My body. Being sick four out of the six days I spent in LA put quite a damper on the trip. I pride Myself on being a trooper, but even this one took Me down. Regardless, I managed to participate in several BDSM scenes with some of the hottest and fiercest Women in FemDom, some of which ended up on film.*

In Phoenix, I spent time with the gracious Goddess Sadie at Her Secret Shangri-La. She and I met during Her last visit to Chicago a couple of years ago, so it was a pleasure to spend more time getting to know Her and spend time in Her domain. It has always been important to Me to surround Myself with those that inspire Me, those who will expand and inspire My passion and devotion in life and in this lifestyle. Goddess Sadie, being a strong, devoted Woman, fits that description well.

With Goddess Sadie in sunny Phoenix.

And as luck would have it, a retired Chicago Domina and NYC/Milwaukee-based Domina Myrina Douleur were in the city as well. An afternoon was spent in the company of these Women, and it was quite delightful to be in like minded company!

Once I arrived in LA, I went straight to Venice Beach where I spent the first two days enjoying time to Myself.  On the third day, the whirlwind began.  I attended and played at Isabella Sinclaire’s Domme Collective party where some heavy, delicious sadism occurred alongside former Chicago resident Mistress Bella Bathory and a slew of Dominas from the group.  Images shall forever remain in My memory bank of blood droplets splattering beautifully on the white tile floor of the medical room from the many needles penetrating a masochist’s flesh from his nipples to (quite literally) his toes! Unfortunately I was simply too busy having fun to browse the DeMask showroom at Isabella’s play space during the party. Next time…

With Mistresses An Li, Bettie Burns, Bella Bathory, and Lola Vahl and Our masochist.

I was completely out of commission the next couple of days, save for a couple of rides in a convertible while wrapped in a blanket. At least I was able to do a very slight bit of sight-seeing on the days the sun did decide to make an appearance.

Mulholland Drive.

The trip did end on a high note. Mistress Bella and I filmed a few scenes on a set that is perfect for sadism! I normally shoot clips in dungeons or dungeon-like settings, so this was a great change of pace! Not to mention working with a professional bottom, that was a treat. Many thanks to Bella and Dee at Severe Society, and Brandon aka Blackula and Hannah (videographers), for an absolutely wonderful time filming with Our bottom, Dee Arclyte.

With Mistress Bella Bathory and Dee Arclyte on set.

Really, the purpose of this ten day trip was to connect with strong, like-minded Women that inspire, enjoy time outdoors in the sun (doesn’t NORMALLY happen in Chicago during February), and expand My network of kinky individuals to engage in play with.Sure, being sick sucked, and I would have liked to have played more in both cities, but the time I spent was spent very well. Aside from that, and LA having unusual amounts of rain, I got exactly what I wanted.

I won’t be traveling for a while, as the beautiful summers in Chicago are what Chicagoans live for. I don’t anticipate traveling much aside from a few regional trips (Detroit, Milwaukee, Indy perhaps) until early next year. Which gives you more reason to travel here to to get your dose of BDSM from Me.

~Dominatrix Alexandra Sadista

* The videos that were filmed in both cities will soon be available for purchase on My clips4sale store #50845 as well as

Visiting Detroit and St Louis in January

Evening of Wednesday, January 11th until afternoon of Saturday the 14th

St. Louis, Evening of Thursday, January 19th until afternoon of Sunday the 22nd

If you missed Me in Detroit last September, NOW is your chance to see Me, boys! My schedule was booked solid then, and this trip is already almost 1/2 way booked. Do not wait until the last minute!
St. Louis, this is My first time visiting with intention to engage in BDSM and fetish scenes. I will be playing at Mistress Simone’s beautiful dungeon. She and I have many similarities in how We play, and We are both medical fetishists and extreme sadists at heart. Do not feel intimidated, as both She and I equally enjoy boys who genuinely love to serve and, I encourage you to book a double Domme session with Us.
A few activities I particularly enjoy (visit for complete list)
erotic electro stimulation
CBT – cock and ball bondage and torture
medical and invasive procedures
single tail whipping, caning, over the knee spankings
BONDAGE light to heavy and predicament
sensory play
Do not feel limited or intimidated by the kinks and fetishes listed above. Genuine foot worshippers and Goddess pamperers hold a special place in My dark heart. It’s not always about pain. Respectfully suggest a scenario for Me to consider, and I will respond if it piques My interest.
– Deposits are required
– Advance booking strongly recommended
– Verifiable references are a plus
To book a session, visit My website first, then send an introductory email to: