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Category: Women Rule

Sadista to resume sessions in late August

Chicago, My brief hiatus is almost over. Did you miss Me? Of course you did. And I missed you.

What have I been up to? It seems I always have a few projects going on in the world of FemDom. This time most of My attention was on a very important and personal endeavor, so I decided to take a break from working. I won’t go into all the details, but I will let you know what is relevant to you. I will be back in the dungeon seeing new clients again very soon, and I will be seeing My regulars even sooner.  For those of you who I have not met, be forewarned… I have an even lower tolerance for discourteous and lazy email introductions. I will be quick to favor those who are respectful, honest, and articulate about the experience they seek to engage in with Me, and quick to deny and ignore those who fail to acknowledge and follow the booking procedures clearly stated on My website (

I will be available for sessions Monday through Friday in the evenings only and all day on Saturday and Sunday. If your only availability is in the daytime weekday hours, we can try to work something out provided you are in good standings with Me and can follow My booking instructions to a tee.It is highly encouraged you book with at least 48 hours advance notice. I will no longer offer same-day sessions, no exceptions.

Video shoots will resume in September, and until then you may purchase the clips that are available on My C4S store #50845. If you wish to be in a video shoot, scroll down to My blog entry with the requirements, and follow the instructions.

Travel will resume soon. I will more than likely visit Detroit first, followed by New Orleans in late fall, Madison WI in January, Houston and Austin in February.

Now for the good stuff… I’ve acquired a few new toys that I wish to add to My scenes of the electrical torture and breath control nature. I’ve also been away from the dungeon the longest time ever in My 11 years of domination. That said – I am very thirsty. My claws are sharpened. My big black cock is lubed up. My play piercing needle supply has been restocked. I long to hear the crack of My whip and the sting of My cane on your bare flesh, your whimpers and cries and pleas for mercy. I will put your tongue to use as you lick the bottoms of My leather boots clean, maybe I will allow you to kiss the leather or to suck on My heel. I am ready for you, slaves and fetishists and kinksters, to hand over your body and mind to utilize and manipulate in ways you never imagined.

Email Me to inquire about a session with Me starting in late August:

NEW C4S CLIP: Bound, Beaten, and Scratched

Miss Ammunition has Her slave hooded, locked in metal chastity, and wrapped tightly to a wooden post. She begins a series of delicious tortures, after all he is there for Her amusement. She uses Her fingernails, a leather quirt, and various implements of Her choosing. Moans that express gratitude escape Her slave’s gagged mouth as She teases Her locked cock and tears through the plastic with Her long, sharp claws.

Category: FemDom, chastity, mummification, fingernail fetish, whipping, nipple play, scratching, long nails, bondage, gagging, nipple clamps
Length: 10 mins

This clip is available at www (dot) clips4sale (dot) com / 50845

NEW C4S CLIP: Featuring Alexandra Sadista and Goddess Sadie Hawkins

Starring: Dominatrix Alexandra Sadista, Goddess Sadie Hawkins, and sissy sapphire

With a hunger for cock, Goddess Sadie and I’s sissy arrived in her pink outfit ready to have her mouth abused. she attempted to simply speak, but it was clear her mouth was made solely for sucking cock. With a little direction from Goddess Sadie and I, she was on her knees and on her way to deep throating My pink cock. It was only a matter of time before I took over and face fucked My sissy, making her gag repeatedly and drool all over herself.

Category: Dildo sucking, sissy training, double Domme, deep throating
Length: 10 mins

This clip is available at www (dot) clips4sale (dot) com / 50845

NEW C4S CLIP: Latex Glove Worship










STARRING: Goddess Alexandra Sadista

Goddess Alexandra’s slave is being trained to meet Her expectations. Today he was granted the opportunity to be in Her videos for the first time. he received a heavy beating and sadistic cbt treatment from She and Mistress Simone. Later that day, Goddess allowed him the privilege of worshipping Her hands while She wears a pair of black, shiny, latex, opera length gloves. Goddess Alexandra is in a scant latex ensemble as She hovers over him, Her flesh touching his, as he begins to worship.

he is in absolute bliss to have Her voluptuous body touching his, and is in ecstasy a he eagerly sucks Her fingers and licks Her hands. he is brought back to reality repeatedly as She slaps him for mistakes such as feeling his teeth on Her fingers. She controls his breathing by covering his mouth and nose until She decides to let him breathe again. She gags him as Her latex fingers slide deeper and deeper down his throat. he falls deeper and deeper under Her spell knowing he is in the hands of a true FemDom Goddess.

CATEGORY: Glove Fetish
LENGTH: 7 minutes

This clip is available at www (dot) clips4sale (dot) com / 50845

C4S Store #50845 — Back in Action

TRIPLE DOMINA ELECTRO OVERLOAD:  Domina Alexandra, Mistress Simone, and Mistress Miranda from the UK decide to put an eager slut to use. he did not realize the three Sadists are lovers of electro torture and have brought FOUR power units with a slew of torturous attachments to apply to his body parts. Like mad scientists, they bind him to a wheelchair and attach clamps to his nipples and cock. Multiple electrodes are applied to his nipples, bands around his scrotum, and a urethral probe is inserted deep down his hole. Varying degrees of intense electrical currents pulse through his body leaving slut in a state of pain and confusion. The three Dominas continue to amuse themselves until they finally allow him time to recover from their sadistic doings.

This clip is available at www (dot) clips4sale (dot) com / 50845
CATEGORY: Electro Play
LENGTH: 12 minutes

If you are interested in being a bottom in FemDom videos, send an introductory note with “VIDEO SLAVE” in the subject line. At this time I am saving open slots for more experienced applicants who play on a higher, harder level. If you are a masochist, enjoy medical scenes, and have experience, contact Me asap. All levels are welcome to apply. Know that this is not “free play” and you will abide by My rules. A small donation and/or gift is required for the experience. In your application, include your experience level, description of videos you have been in, and a head shot. Unless you have body modifications or surgically altered body parts, I do not care to see you from the waist down.

Applications can be sent to

Phoenix and Los Angeles February Travel

Look out, I am heading West! I look forward to prescribing your perfect dose of BDSM and guiding you through My wonderful world of kink! Email Me to discuss a potential session:

PHOENIX: SATURDAY, FEB 11—WEDNESDAY, FEB 15 at Goddess Sadie‘s Secret Shangri-La.
One hour, extended scenes, and overnight sessions are available. Inquire about double Domina sessions with Goddess Sadie. If you wish to be in Our FemDom videos, send an email with previous experience and references.

LOS ANGELES: THURSDAY, FEB 16—WEDNESDAY, FEB 22 at the Ivy Manor in Downtown LA.
I will be attending the Domme Collective Matinee Play Party on Friday, February 17th. One hour, extended scenes, and overnight sessions are available. Inquire about double Domina sessions with My colleagues in Los Angeles including the fabulous Mistress Bella Bathory. If you wish to be in Bella and I’s FemDom videos, send an email with previous experience and references.



A Simple Thank You to My devotees.

I am well into 2017, as far as My schedule is considered. Per usual, I have booked several trips, as travel is the spice in MY life! Last year I had the pleasure of going to LA, Denver, New Orleans, Atlanta, Houston, Las Vegas, and Barcelona, Spain! I will be on a similar schedule this year until May. Chicago is just too beautiful during the summer to plan a getaway, unless I receive an offer from a travel sponsor I cannot refuse, of course!

So before I get caught up in this year’s activities, I would like to say… It is because of My hard work, passion, and determination that I am able to live My life the way I do. It is because of the love I have for My craft that I continue down this path, and because I would not have it any other way! AND those who are dedicated to serving Me and have enriched My life by supporting My endeavors are very much appreciated. I thank all of you who fill important roles such as being My safety during sessions (esp when traveling), drivers, researchers, pamperers, handymen, houseboys, shoe cleaners, latex washers, and overall helpers. I move rather quickly and efficiently during My work hours, and I know it is not easy keeping up with a demanding Goddess on a schedule. Thank you, slaves, devoted regulars, and those who serve from afar. your efforts do not go unnoticed!


Review by My sweet-sufferer

Words about our meeting last week from My boy, the sweet-sufferer, whose been driving for hours to see Me since October of 2014.

 Well… i don’t know where to start. What an awesome time! Your creativity is so thought out and artistic. i’ve never met someone like You. Your wicked smile when you torture me is so exhilarating and sadistic. You should see the bruises and welts on my dupa (ass in Polish) lol! Sooo sore….. But, i relish the fact i suffered for You! i love making You happy. You have such a dynamite personally, and Your caress….. is so  nurturing!

There is one thing! Your intuition…. i’ve been visiting for awhile now, and never had to say Your safe word. That is outstanding!!   i was thinking maybe next time i could be Your suffering little girl…. i’ll ask now because i won’t have the balls to ask later. Lol
Anyway…. Just wanted to thank you so much,  for making my dreams fantasy’s and kink come true. You’re the best. See You soon.

I had a wonderful time hurting you, making you bleed, and bruising your bottom! your vulnerability and the tears you shed for Me, truly a beautiful moment. Til next time.


They remind you that in every situation, something can be learned, enjoyed, and appreciated.

My princess and I were celebrating our two year anniversary of her service to Me. We started by engaging in a ritual that included the placing of adornments I selected for her… a “Princess” necklace, pink ribbon, a #2 candle, and multiple needles through her torso and corona. We had a lovely time together, and were going to follow it up with a “Birthday” dinner. We went to a restaurant, she dressed in a pink turtleneck, a white denim skirt, and pink knit socks and I in a black ensemble (surprise, surprise). she also wore her Princess necklace and her tiara. I had made arrangements prior to arriving at the restaurant as to what My princess would be eating, regardless of the order that she placed. We started off by sharing a delicious appetizer, while being entertained by drag queens, then ordered our entrees. I stuck to My usual, Filet Mignon, and she ordered a chicken entree. When our dinner arrived, she was served a well presented plate of two different kinds of baby food. her eyes lit up, and I knew she would enjoy the meal I arranged for her more than what she had ordered. We then had dessert, topped with a #2 candle.I am uncertain of at which point she drank My piss during that celebration, as it was a very regular occurrence for her to do so. After we were finished, she went to the restroom and was stopped on the way back by patrons who asked what she was celebrating. Proudly, she pointed to her necklace and stated, “I am celebrating being a princess for two years!”

It is interactions such as these that warm My black, sadistic heart. It is a memory I will forever cherish, despite the ending the relationship endured.


Our Halloween Foot Fetish Party Extravaganza


Save the date! Alexandra Sadista and Phil-latio-Foot’s Halloween Foot Fetish Party Extravaganza on Saturday, October 24th begins at 8PM.

Don’t be fooled by other parties, there is only the best running the last 15 years!!! The sexiest feet in Chicago are always in attendance. The Ladies will be there to trample, tickle, stomp, kick, and make you massage, kiss, lick, sniff, and suck on their toes.

There will be a costume contest, as well as a pumpkin pie eating contest . You must RSVP for location and gift instruction: OR

Hello Footsluts,
There is a great atmosphere, music, and the hottest feet in
Chicago. I will expect that gentlemen act and dress like gentlemen (you don’t have dress fetish at my parties just business casual or nice evening attire) and email me to RSVP for further instructions (donation, address).

Hello, Ladies and Gents! Phil and I invite you to our Divine Foot Fetish Event, and we urge you to arrive in your favorite, sexiest costume! It will be a foot fetishist’s delight! We hope to see you there.
~Alexandra Sadista

Hosted By: Dominatrix Alexandra Sadista, Phil-latio-Foot, and Chicago’s hottest feet hostesses
Date: Saturday, October24th 8pm
Time: 8PM – ?AM
Location: “The Studio” Near Archer and Halsted

Drinks and snacks will be provided.