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A Simple Thank You to My devotees.

I am well into 2017, as far as My schedule is considered. Per usual, I have booked several trips, as travel is the spice in MY life! Last year I had the pleasure of going to LA, Denver, New Orleans, Atlanta, Houston, Las Vegas, and Barcelona, Spain! I will be on a similar schedule this year until May. Chicago is just too beautiful during the summer to plan a getaway, unless I receive an offer from a travel sponsor I cannot refuse, of course!

So before I get caught up in this year’s activities, I would like to say… It is because of My hard work, passion, and determination that I am able to live My life the way I do. It is because of the love I have for My craft that I continue down this path, and because I would not have it any other way! AND those who are dedicated to serving Me and have enriched My life by supporting My endeavors are very much appreciated. I thank all of you who fill important roles such as being My safety during sessions (esp when traveling), drivers, researchers, pamperers, handymen, houseboys, shoe cleaners, latex washers, and overall helpers. I move rather quickly and efficiently during My work hours, and I know it is not easy keeping up with a demanding Goddess on a schedule. Thank you, slaves, devoted regulars, and those who serve from afar. your efforts do not go unnoticed!


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