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They remind you that in every situation, something can be learned, enjoyed, and appreciated.

My princess and I were celebrating our two year anniversary of her service to Me. We started by engaging in a ritual that included the placing of adornments I selected for her… a “Princess” necklace, pink ribbon, a #2 candle, and multiple needles through her torso and corona. We had a lovely time together, and were going to follow it up with a “Birthday” dinner. We went to a restaurant, she dressed in a pink turtleneck, a white denim skirt, and pink knit socks and I in a black ensemble (surprise, surprise). she also wore her Princess necklace and her tiara. I had made arrangements prior to arriving at the restaurant as to what My princess would be eating, regardless of the order that she placed. We started off by sharing a delicious appetizer, while being entertained by drag queens, then ordered our entrees. I stuck to My usual, Filet Mignon, and she ordered a chicken entree. When our dinner arrived, she was served a well presented plate of two different kinds of baby food. her eyes lit up, and I knew she would enjoy the meal I arranged for her more than what she had ordered. We then had dessert, topped with a #2 candle.I am uncertain of at which point she drank My piss during that celebration, as it was a very regular occurrence for her to do so. After we were finished, she went to the restroom and was stopped on the way back by patrons who asked what she was celebrating. Proudly, she pointed to her necklace and stated, “I am celebrating being a princess for two years!”

It is interactions such as these that warm My black, sadistic heart. It is a memory I will forever cherish, despite the ending the relationship endured.


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