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IML + Vespertine

IML/ Vespertine weekend never disappoints. I have been actively involved with both events for 13 years, and look forward to it every year. I always feel as I am in My natural habitat, which is because I probably was a gay leather man in a previous life. I normally only attend the Vendor’s Market at the host hotel which places Me immediately in the kid-in-a-candy-store mindset as I window shop for a few hours, then make another round to make My purchases. Then, I return another day to purchase more!

Mr. S Leather took most of My money (and slave’s), and as a result I’ve several new toys & power box to add to My collection. I finally upgraded to an ErosTek ET312B after using the ET232 and Folsom power box for years. I also picked up a Fleshjack Electro Stroker, a unique cordless silicone e-stim vibe, the extreme electro sex butt plug, and the small torpedo butt plug. And adapters, electrodes, leads, bands… things you can’t have enough of in your e-stim kit. I also made sure to show some of My favorite vendors support by purchasing a few impact toys and tools for the medical fetishist (ME).

The weekend ended at Vespertine, a Play Party for Queer Women founded and organized by My beloved Sister in Kink Daddy Sky. I have seen this gathering evolve into such a beautifully diverse event since its inception. It is an all inclusive, safe environment for Queer Women to play and enjoy. I personally had the pleasure of suspending and playing with My cohort Queerella aka Mistress Katrina. Her marks are blooming and are quite colorful! I also watched two very intense fisting scenes, one anal and one vaginal. I have fisted both in various ways, however I have yet to go elbow deep so it remains a goal! The night ended in pure bliss. Intense, sensual, invasive play in every direction My head turned. There is nothing quite like the symphony of moans, groans, whimpers, whispers, grunts, giggles, slaps, whacks, cracks, buzzzzzzzzz, zaps… not to mention the visuals!

Now that the weekend is behind Me I can continue My regularly scheduled program, and tackle a few projects I’ve been working on. This will include a few major purchases that will allow Me to resume shooting videos with better quality and lighting, as well as contribute to the Sadista Klinik I am in the process of assembling. Stay tuned!

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