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Detroit 3/17-19 & Houston 4/14-16

I am delighted to announce My return to Detroit and Houston. Loyalty, respectful devotion, and the open minds of the ones that serve Me will keep Me returning to your city.

If we have not played, browse My website and familiarize yourself with the activities I engage in as well as My limits. Boundaries are to be respected, and inappropriate requests will be ignored.

If we have met, then let’s discuss what we shall explore during this trip. Will it be simple but effective or very elaborate bondage? Immobilization? Sensory deprivation and overload, with E-Stim, perhaps while wearing a restrictive leather or inflatable latex hood? Perhaps you enjoy a little breath play as well. Or – if you are a medical fetishist as I am, you may enjoy being emptied by an enema, then stretched beyond your limits in order to please Me. Play piercing (non-permanent), cuttings (semi or permanent), suturing, stapling are high on My list of favorites as well. The rest of the activities I favor are listed here. Of course, you may respectfully inquire if your interest is not included as long as you are mindful of My limits.

We will meet at a location inner ring suburb of Detroit. I cater each scene to the unique individual I am playing with, and I pack My favorite tools, implements, and fetish wear accordingly. For this reason and due to the high number of returning clients in the area, it is best to inquire and book in advance. Parking and shower facility available.

In Houston, sessions will take place in a very well equipped private Studio just east of Downtown. It is the Dungeon I play in every time I visit Houston, I know it very well. Parking and shower facility available.

Deposits are required anytime I travel, unless you have been a returning client for over five years and do not have any cancellations on your record. Screening is required for new clients, no exceptions.