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Chicago’s ClubFEM December Party

Saturday, December 1st, 2012 · 9:00 PM – 1:00 AM
Location:The Studio Chicago
Address given to those who RSVP. @ map
Cost: admission is $10.00 per female, $20.00 per male. Couples : $20.00
Dress code: Fetish wear preferred. Males, keep ready for specifics!

Chicago’s ONLY female dominant/male submissive focused group.
Come play in an environment tailored our unique energy

Mistress Simone will be on a much needed vacation with hubbie boy so her fellow Domina, Ms Alexandra Sadista, has graciously agreed to step in as hostess.

As is the tradition at our parties, please bring a dish to share.Veggie tray, Dip, Cheese and meat trays are always welcome as are sweets! At this time, NO ALCOHOL is allowed any longer at the Studio. Please do not bring it in as you will be asked to remove it to your car.

You MUST confirm via email to Ms Simone at her email address —
Only those who have RSVP’d in this manner will be on the guest list. DO NOT call her business number seeking info or directions, nor email her website email. You will not receive a reply, only succeed in pissing her off.
RSVP’s sent after noon on party date will not be replied to. By then, we are in party prep mode.Please no phone calls or texts for the address.

Males must be presented in one of these ways: nude, feminized or revealing fetish gear. No male will be fully clothed at CCF functions.
Switches are welcome to come and explore but they must be in the proper role at all times during our party.
Play is negotiated between parties.There is no guarantee of play by attending.
For new attendees, I suggest you review the past few discussions on party behavior.

This is a lifestyle function.Professionals are welcome and encouraged to attend but please do not discuss sessions or business at CCF.
Lifestylers ,please be respectful of all other ladies.Any lady found being insulting to a sister will not be allowed at future CCF events.
All who attend CCF are sincerely interested in the fem dom/male sub dynamic.

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