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NYC next, Vegas in June. Where else?

Hello, fellow kinksters! It’s been a minute, and I hope you all have been well! It has been a very good year in the way of travel, new clients, and new toys, thus far! I am excited to visit NYC this weekend for a vacation. Yep, no work, but not totally kink-free, because it would be unfair do deny Myself a visit to a kink-party in NYC!

I am definitely planning on visiting LA again soon, as the time I spent there in early February was way too short. For a few days I soaked in the beautiful weather LA has to offer, and I did quite a bit of sightseeing as well. The highlight, I would say, was hanging out with Isabella Sinclaire and seeing the Ivy Manor and the gorgeous rooms set up perfectly for kinky good times! I got so caught up in the moment that I completely forgot to check out the DeMask showroom She has at that location. Yep, next time! I also was able to visit and get a tour of the Stockroom, thanks to Bella Bathory. And, shopped for latex. Now I need to return for that set of whips I was drooling over in that upstairs area…

Unfortunately I came down with something on My last day there, and it stuck with Me through the first TWO days in Denver! Plans and sessions had to be moved rescheduled, but it all worked out in the end. I had a great time with new, well-behaved clients, and I even got to get a full day of snowboarding in! Definitely another city I will return to when the next snowboarding season kicks in.

Next up is NYC, and Las Vegas is following shortly after!

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