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A week ago I had the pleasure of having an extended session with My co-hort of the day, Miss XXXXX. boy came in from Vancouver to get tortured by Us, and torture We did. We began early and intensely, never letting up on Our lovely pain-slut. We ordered lunch and a few minutes later sent Our boy to retrieve it, wearing his casual clothing and collar and a huge proud smile. He then became Our footstool and Our servant as we enjoyed a casual conversation amongst ourselves. We finished, enjoyed a cigarette, and continued with ferocity.

He was a true pain-slut, a pleaser, a boy who desperately wanted his Mistresses to be proud of him. What was most enjoyable to Me was his exhibition of enthusiasm with ardor to be Our slave for the day, serving in any which way he could to please Us. As much as I would like all slaves to behave in this manner, the truth is a genuine demeanor like his presents itself infrequently.



Written 8/21/08

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