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Synopsis, written April 1st.

A well-written session review by an enthusiast, during which some undeniably steamy memories were made. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this, and so will you!

I have been trying for a week to wrap my head around our time together and still can’t quite do it. You really did blow my mind!  I really appreciate how you took my input and crafted two perfect sessions. Not too heavy, not too light, but just right. You exploited my latex/corset/cleavage fetish expertly using and depriving my senses of sight, smell, sound, feel to tease, deny and reward me. The CBT was just awesome and the smack of your hand and flick of your finger was pure painful ecstasy!  The bondage was tremendous and all the other activities were heightened as I pulled against my restraints. Add to that another layer of the best NT ever, and everything just kept building.  Then the  icing on the cake was the anal play culminating with the truly mind altering Strapon fucking you gave me!  Every perfectly angled plunge was like the initial upswing of the beginning of an orgasm, which was quickly withdrawn bringing the arousal back to a lower plateau. And then quickly repeated. Over. And over. And over. It was a state of suspended orgasm,  suspended consciousness, complete submission and surrender of responsibility that was difficult for me to process. Then the hood/blindfold experience just brought it to yet another level. You left me aroused yet spent, pained yet pleasured. My mind was so overwhelmed with everything that for a period of time it was completely blank. And that is not any easy thing to do given all the stuff constantly racing through my brain. You turned me into a shaking, quivering mess and it was beyond anything I have ever experienced. I cannot thank you enough for the careful preparation and execution of my sessions and for expanding my experience beyond my imagination.   

With deepest gratitude until we meet again,


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