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Written last Monday, by a new toy.

I have a New Fetish.
I had an amazing session with Alexandra Sadista. After several attempts I finally got the honor to serve Alexandra.  The energy was high as she dressed in amazing latex from head to toe. After warming my cock and balls, I soon found out that Mistress is very skilled at cbt and cbb. She doesn’t need tools as for she has a wicked slap! She instructed me that I needed to take it if I wanted rewards. She continued to violate my cock and balls making nice shades of purple, slapping, flicking and flogging. Mistress was eager to use the cock and ball stand device. Soon after, she started to fuck my cock hole, sliding the rod deep and repeated it more times than I could count. She wanted to go big, Ok mistress, we try but no go. As she was not near done violating my cock and balls she has me lay on the bondage table and Mistress is right back at it with the sounds fucking my hole. She starts teasing me with her latex, letting me feel and smell, not knowing what was going to happen next. Mistress then starts smothering and sitting on my face as she gets the joys of violating my cock and balls with the violet wand. She says I am turning it up all the way, how could I say no when I had Mistress nice latex ass sitting on my face?
As we regrouped Mistress moved to the next item. Seeing Mistress strutting around in hot latex with a nice black strapon cock, I could not wait, eager to impress. Mistress tells me how she likes to have her subs gag and suck her cock. She warms me up, then she starts fucking my man pussy hard and putting very motion into, soon she realizes than I am enjoying it to much. “We need to upgrade cause you are such a slut” She puts on a bigger cock and jumps right back into the hard long strokes. As I am taking very hard stoke she continues to be smiling ear to ear and calling how good of a slut I am. I am barely able to say Thank You Mistress as she continues to violate me going from slow to long to working it up to a very hard fast long pounding. As she keeps fucking my man pussy, it seems I am falling into sub space as she continues to fuck me with no mercy!
Lastly Mistress brings on one last challenge and still eager to impress her, she tells me that I need to take her whole cock in my mouth all the way (average size) and then take a much bigger cock the whole way. My mind is spinning as I have never gagged on a cock and for that matter taken the whole thing, then going to a bigger size? I wanted to end on a good note as for Mistress rewarded me earlier with a very good s/o fucking. She warms me up and lets me work it at a slow pace, encouraging me, telling me how good I was doing, and how she likes watching me suck her black cock. I get the first one down. Then, on to the bigger one. She lets me warm up slowly encouraging me, how she loves watching me gag on her big black cock as saliva spit and drool is all over my mouth and her cock. It seems that I am doing a good job, she is loving it more and more watching her slut take her cock deep. Mistress encourages me more by placing her hand on the back of my head and helps me hold her cock deep in my throat. So eager to please Mistress I keep trying to go deeper, and finally she tells me that I was a good cocksucker. OMG what an awesome session. I can’t wait for the next time I gag and suck her cock in more ways. This was the first session with Alexandra and can’t wait to session again, as for me she has rekindled the fire and now I have a new fetish and she is Alexandra Sadista.

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