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Evolution – Part I of II


I state with pride that I am entering My seventh year of Professional Domination. The path I embarked on years ago has been nothing short of adventurous and glorious. Thanks to My Mentors, books, classes, on hands experience in the field, and MORE books and classes, I have gained so much valuable information that I confidently use to maximize My time spent in My kinky realm. Most of the activities I was so curious about in the beginning have been explored and taken to depths I never imagined. And, while My fetishes and proclivities have not changed too much, I have undoubtedly matured to be the confident and sadistic Dominatrix I am today.

I will mention that at this time, My website is in dire need of an overhaul, and the information on it represents who I was many years ago rather then My present self. That arduous process has begun, and a new website shall be revealed as soon as all of the necessary pieces are in place.  In the meantime, I will shed some insight as to who I have become, and include some activities and scenes I take great pride in conducting.

GOLDEN SHOWERS & WATERSPORTS  When I was 19, I gave My first Golden Shower in the moonlight on a desolate island. I was instantly hooked, but it was not until I became a professional dominatrix that I was able to test the limits of both Myself and those who craved My piss. I discovered I can urinate for longer than usual (we’re talking five-plus minutes of a slow, constant stream), and therefore can quench thirsts multiple times during a short engagement. And it helps that I drink copious amounts of water all the time. My colleagues have gone as far as commenting on My enthusiasm, duration, as well as total lack pee-shyness. Yes, this is an activity that I will never tire of.

Of course, golden showers can take an unexpected turn, and you might find yourself being forced to ingest large volumes of My liquid. A nozzle inserted into your rectum connected to an enema bag filled with urine diluted with water, an irrigation syringe shooting into your urethral opening, a funnel and tube inserted into your mouth… some versions of what I consider some of My favorite types of sadistic piss play.

PLAY PIERCING In a small wooden box, I keep a collection of needles. Each one is labeled with the initials of friends whose piercing cherry I popped before 2003. Years and dozens of popped cherries later, I began play piercing My clients. Today, My scenes are extensive, decorative, and tastefully done, OR downright sadistic. A handful under My tutelage have received My crown of thorns, multiple facial piercings, and, My favorite, My signature.

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TOILET TRAINING The way I view My toilets is different from how I view any other submissive or client of Mine. The approaches vary, and can include a simple human toilet, a shit/piss/enema pig, an undeserving, worthless poor excuse for a man whose only role in My life is to beg and consume My delicacies, or a slave who craves to act out what many see as the most submissive act of devotion and worship. While My stable includes a couple of extended-term devotees, I often consider genuine subjects who apply to serve Me in this fashion.

S/O PLAY Oh, do I enjoy sodomizing a helpless slut! This is another one of those activities that entered My life years before becoming a professional deviant. Take note; you will not be able to see videos of Me wearing a strap on, performing the act of sodomy. This is only for real-time, one-on-one (or multiples-on-one) scenes.

ASS PLAY My finger/s, hand/s, insertibles and edibles (particularly from the produce department) have explored the depths of anuses for years, and many years to come. I prefer to use the terms “anal exploration” or “anal violation” to describe this act as I approach it. It’s more about the fascination of just how much I can stuff into this cavity, and surely the humiliation aspect of it as well, rather than doing the act for his pleasure.

MEDICAL FETISHES As a teen, I was given many opportunities to observe nurses at work, and caught a few glimpses of invasive medical procedures that looked so intriguing. During My 20s, a kinky lover gave Me an informal introduction to needles, scalpels, and sounds. As with Golden Showers, I was hooked. After a couple apprenticeships and a handful of classes, I can confidently use the following procedures during My medical scenes: suturing, stapling, catheterization, saline infusions, and phlebotomy.










Alexandra, the Sadist.

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