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NEW CLIP: Take It, bitch! Round #1 & 2

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TAKE IT, BITCH! Round #1 & 2

In round #1 of this slave’s day, the three Dominatrices, Alexandra, Xena, and Lily Hex, start off by restraining bootslut and securing him in a CBT pillory stand. The Dominas apply tight clamps on bootslut’s cock and balls, nipples, and tongue. he gets slapped around, whipped, caned, paddled, spanked… his nipples get pinched and cropped. The leather clad Ladies ignore his pleas for mercy and continue to bully him.

Full length 19:24 – MP4

In round #2 of this slave’s day, Mistress Alexandra and Mistress Xena strap bootslut down and prepare to use their big cocks. The Dominas take each side, Alexandra takes this slut’s mouth, Xena takes his slut-hole. They penetrate him, but again, he cries for mercy! What kind of slut is he, to not be able to take Our cocks? We switch places various times. The dirty dildo that was in his ass goes into his mouth, time and time again. Disgusting slut.

Full length 19:24 – MP4



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