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My shaved body.

After 18 years of not shaving My underarms, I have decided it is time. Some have expressed their dissatisfaction, and have requested I consider growing it back. I stand strongly behind My decision, and I frankly do not care that you are dissatisfied. This goes along with a series of personal changes I have made over the past couple of years. That’s all you need to know. Like it or leave it.

And, while I am on the topic of body hair. I find shaved or well-kept hair on genitalia is usually found on people who consider the ones who will be paying attention to that region, and that is a turn on. 90% of My body has been hairless (legs, arms, Southern regions, and for many years My head) for most of My life beyond age 18. So, yes I am a bit biased.

In regards to the men I play with, I prefer hair in the right areas. I favor chest hair, happy trails, hairy man-pussies… and have always found a man’s hairy, muscular legs sexy. I realize not everyone is keen on shaving or trimming in the pubic region, and many of you simply cannot. I can work around it. After all, long, unkempt hair can be easily grabbed and yanked, singed with a cigarette, plucked with tweezers, not to mention getting tangled into CB devices. Maintain high standards of hygiene, and you will be fine. Better yet, leave the shaving and man-scaping to Me and My shaving fetish. And if you become Mine, expect specific orders on how to groom yourself for Me.

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