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My Birthday is on November 11th


Halloween is just a couple of days away, and shortly after My birthday celebrations will begin! Three years ago, on 11/11/11, it was spent on the beaches of Jamaica at Kink in the Caribbean with My loyal pet (RIP). This year, along with private celebrations with My devoted boys and kinksters, I will be spending time going to Blackhawks games, having a small soiree with My closest friends, and perhaps a couple nights of dancing. And, of course, opening gifts!

For you generous gents out there… I will mention the items at the VERY TOP of My WishList:
• $2000 for a birthday weekend in New Orleans (waived session fee will apply for NOLA residents, dungeon rental fee required)
• Southwest Airlines gift cards ($250+)
• Polymorphe gift card for $1000 –

Below are links to My wish lists. The list was created for the purpose of giving devotees and slaves examples of simple, or extravagant, ways to show this Goddess your admiration & devotion. And, because what Woman does not enjoy being spoiled and pampered!

Also worth mentioning is that I will be celebrating My birthday with the lovely Ladies of Vespertine at the Studio on Saturday, November 22nd (sorry boys, this event is Women only). On the following weekend, I will be celebrating My birthday (one last time) at the Divine Feet for Worship – foot fetish party, also at the Studio, on Saturday, November 29th. And, if you enjoy performance art and comedy, My troupe SS-Triple-X will be performing at the NoTell Motel at Debonair Social Club on Wednesday, November 19th. you may email Me for information on these events:

Happy Birthday to My Scorpio friends and fiends!

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