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Renowned Educator Eric Pride comes to The Studio – 11/16

Come get dirty with Eric Pride!

The Studio welcomes renowned educator, Eric Pride to our Windy City for one day only.
Sunday, November 16th

He will be presenting two delightfully wicked topics:

M/s Lifestyle and protocols 330pm-5pm
Protocols and Manners for Play and 24/7

The leather lifestyle has many unwritten rules and protocols. What are they? When are they in effect? How do you learn them?
Eric Pride’s lifestyle household, that he co-heads with Lady Christie, is well-known for their use of classical leather protocols. In this class he will not just talk about them, he will show many of them – from scene manners, formal protocols, to how they can be incorporated into play. In several hands-on demonstrations, he will show how they are used with new submissives and slaves, as well as how they can spice up your scenes.

Heavy Consensual SM 5-7pm
Sadomasochism (S&M) is about the pleasure and enjoyment of inflicting or receiving pain and humiliation. In this class we discuss the heavier aspects of consensual S&M and how to experience it safely, including:
• Safety for tops and bottoms
• Consent, limits, and boundaries
• Subspace and topspace
• Processing and enjoying pain
• The psychological side of S&M
This class contains a few shorter play scenes to illustrate the discussion.
Note: this class contains elements of adult language and intense consensual S&M. Please consider this carefully before attending.

More on Eric Pride can be discovered on his site :

RSVP Must be sent to:
RSVP required to attend. No walk-ins.

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