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Objectified, and Ignored scene.

A six weeks ago, My s-toiletbitch approached Me with the idea of a heavy objectification scene. Surprisingly, he managed to depict a scenario that has been a long time fantasy of Mine. Previous circumstances and timing did not allow for such a scene in the past, but now, everything seemed to line up. I admit, My mind was reeling at the thought of this actually being actualized.

The fantasy was simple. s-toiletbitch was to serve as Me over the course of half a day. he would be bound to My toilet box in My private dungeon, and I was to go about My daily activities. When not being used, he would simply be ignored. Pretty straightforward. Of course if at any time I felt the inclination, I could stuff his ass or slap at his cock and balls, or something of the like.

I will be concise about the actual scene that took place… he arrived, was quickly situated and bound to the box, and I proceeded to ignore his existence. Less than two hours into the scene, he was given his first bountiful food and golden drink of the day directly from the source, and was rewarded a glimpse of My beautiful, muscular derriere. Unexpectedly, he began to struggle with his feeding, and before I could snap gloves on and force feed him, he sits up and calls it quits.

My fantasy was ruined not even two hours into the afternoon-long scene! My first reaction was to let him know just how I felt about his failing as My toilet, and how he wasted My valuable time, energy, and elaborate efforts. Instead, I took into consideration that every time he serves Me, he does in fact attempt to be the best toilet he can be, despite the hefty challenges I throw his way. We had a brief chat, during which he admitted that there were external factors that attributed to his failed attempt. I forgave him, and he left after being a good boy and showing his appreciation for My efforts, with his tail tucked in between is legs.

The negotiation and communication that takes place before any complex scene is crucial to the experience and the results, THAT should go without saying. Yet, there are still factors that play into how one may react once immersed in a scene, when the “oh, shit! What did i get myself into” thought comes to mind, when one realizes one is not at all prepared for what they asked for. Or, it might be an external issue that has nothing to do with Me or the scene planned. In this particular case, standard negotiations took place with My regular. The difference was he decided to not communicate that he had been hesitating for days prior to the date, due to personal conflicts outside of BDSM, so to not disappoint Me.

My point is, to all those that fall into the category of

• submissives
• clients
• cum buckets
• foot stools
• shit bags
• masochists
• just another hole to stuff
• anyone who serves in a subservient capacity

…you all still HAVE A VOICE. Communication is a fundamental part of the interactions I have with the afore mentioned beings, and without it, you will not get very far with Me, or in life! My interactions are meant to be mutually beneficial, healthy, kink-positive, safe, with an understanding of intentions prior to entering a scene, any kind of training, or long-term servitude. Do not let your “submissiveness” or fear of doing or saying what may not please Me get in the way of what is expected from you. Or your “manliness”, that will not be tolerated either.

In other news, it’s HOT out, and Alexandra is loving it!


Wanna taste? In your sweet, kinky dreams!


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