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Sadista in Detroit until this Saturday

I am in Detroit until Saturday afternoon and have a very full schedule. In fact, the only human interaction I will be having is with clients and the occasional barista, waitress, and salesperson.

So far, I’ve broken in two submissives who were nervous novices when they walked in, and certainly felt like different people when they walked out. While fear is quite the aphrodisiac in My world, I do My best to not scare or overwhelm inexperienced clients as they can be quite sensitive, all the while firmly pushing their boundaries beyond their own expectations and self-imposed limitations. In one way or another, I blow their minds. And surely it is My own comfort with those activities that are considered taboo in many societies and cultures that allows My boys to completely let go and feel no shame.

My first client yesterday wrote Me after he had time to process our time together:

“I just wanted to thank you again for your time and guidance. You made me feel very comfortable, taking away my fear and embarrassment.”


Detroit: I’ve one slot left open tonight at or after 10PM. Deposits are required. Email Me at if you would like take tonight’s slot. Otherwise, you are SOL.

~Dominatrix Alexandra Sadista


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