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Travel News / Sadista heads to the Southern Hemisphere

I’ve a bit of upcoming travel from now until the end of March. When in Chicago, I am available every day of the week. My travel dates and availability as of Friday, January 17th is as follows:

Sunday, 1/26: FemDom Event, unavailable
Monday, 1/27*
Tuesday, 1/28 after 9PM
Thursday, 1/30*
January 31 until February 2 in Detroit – FULLY BOOKED!
Monday, 2/3 after 9:30PM
Tuesday, 2/4 after 9PM
Wednesday, 2/5*
February 7 until 12 in Miami
February 12 until March 16 in South America

*preferably after 7PM but daytime available with 48+ hours notice
I will update this as My schedule changes.

Next weekend is My FemDom Event, the second one of its kind. I will soon post about the nature of the party, and how you may apply to be considered. For now, know that I am only considering submissives who have played with the Dominas that are attending, or have IMPECCABLE references.

In two weeks I will be arriving in Detroit for a weekend with My devoted boys. I am particularly excited about reconnecting with a toilet I have not fed in years who is as nasty as they come! he reminds Me of the toilets I have played with in the South… they get durrrrrty! Anyway, the following weekend, I leave for Miami for five days, staying a block away from the beach and the Atlantic Ocean. I’ve only made time for a hot play date with one of My favorites, otherwise I will be spending time relaxing and soaking up the warmth and sun that My body desperately needs. Following that, I will be traveling to South America for almost a month. Why so long? Well, it’s a fact I have a very hard time with bitterly cold winters. The only way to get through it will be to take annual trips to warmer climates. Since I have family in South America, I will be traveling there once a year when winter is at its peak.

Per usual, I will always announce My travel dates with ample notice and have them posted on My website as well. Houston and Detroit will stay in regular rotation, and I will possibly add one more city to the mix. The goal is to travel one weekend per month in 2020.

There you have it. Plan accordingly!

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