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A Good Time Was Had By A/all.

Articulation is sexy. As is devotion displayed through suffering.
Written by My banana-cabana-boy:

Dearest Mistress Alexandra,

   Have you ever had a review where Your sub writes, “i can’t describe how unbelievable my session was” or, “i can’t begin to express how mindblowing it was”? Well get a vocabulary and an imagination bud, because your Mistress deserves an articulate and sincere account of Her time spent with you.

   Here’s mine.

   Right up front, i am honored to have been Your choice to fulfill a personal perversity and happy i was up to the physical challenges.  You seemed very proud and pleased in making me Your “Vase (pronounce “vaaz”) ala Sphincter”. i truly appreciate the thought and time You spent on this. Your humiliations are eeevilly and gleefully played out and i pray to be useful in more of Your cruel and beauteous visions.

     You’ll be happy to know all of Your lovely marks are blooming quite nicely and making me wince at every seating. my birthday was several weeks ago and i consider myself fully spanked and caned in celebration thereof.

   Wow, You sure enjoyed filling me up to my limit with that enema.  The nozzle being inserted, and my bowels and intestines expanding and bloating while You look upon my increasing discomfort is a humiliation i am happy to endure as i see You smile at my helplessness. i’m now dreaming of that milk and molasses enema that was mentioned.

   No matter what is said “in role” piss is PISS. It tastes like piss and that’s undeniable. And You had me drink Yours; the waste that Your body no longer had any use for. Except to feed to me. And i drank it eagerly and obediently.

   As You can tell, and i expressed this before W/we parted, my love of O/our time together Wednesday could not have been more optimally shocking, unexpected and desirable. Certainly, being a man, i have perused other Mistresses web-sites. This having been O/our third session i can definitively say You are a Domme of a singular variety. You define You and all others are riding coach.

   YOU are it!!

   Looking forward to future playtimes with more devilish fun.

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