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Watersports VS Water Sports

Hello, Chicago, I am back (and still recovering from mild jet lag). My vacation could not have been lovelier, and it was the perfect length of time under the Caribbean sun, moon, and hundreds of visible stars. I returned with a deep tan, lots of sand in My suitcase, and enough memories to last Me through next winter. This was a much anticipated trip as it was a true vacation during which anything resembling work did not occur. Hooray for suitcases that do not exceed the weight limit due to leather, latex, and toys!

The only mention of anything that instantly made Me think dirty thoughts was the mention of water sports and which ones we would be engaging in that day. I couldn’t help but to giggle to Myself, as only three years back I engaged in MY version of WaterSports with a fun boy-toy… at the resort, at the pool, near the beach, under the Caribbean sun. Another Hooray, this time for public Golden Showers! This IS an acceptable way to show affection towards a slave, in My book.

I want to thank each of you for sending Me off with warm wishes, and for your patience as I catch up on My updates, emails, and things of that nature. That said, in a few days you can look for updates to My Clips4Sale store #50845 and see what has been going on behind the closed doors of The Studio. Looking forward, My pets!






















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