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Triple Threat in Atlanta (Archived post — 1/28/11)


Three red hot Dommes greet you at the door and take you to the Medical room where We will determine your fate. you are immediately stripped of your identity and integrity. We all light up a Djarum clove cigarette and begin to shove the smoke up your nose and in your eyes. you squirm yet try your best to save face. We take turns scolding and mocking you and what’s left of your manhood. We then proceed to bend you over, displaying the hole to your soul that you have offered Us. One by one, we insert various objects of Our choice, all the while your face is shoved, face down so you may see nothing but the corner of the room. you didn’t know you were in for this… such a treat. We decide to take you down to the lowest level you could reach, and you eagerly beg for it. you are guided into an area where you are to lay on your back.

Remember when I treated you to this over a year ago? I was your first, and now you will take it from all three of Us. I enter the room and proceed to fill your mouth with My abundant meal. I cannot help but to scoff at your weak attempts to satisfy Me and My colleagues. We all enjoyed a good laugh afterward thanks to this Southern toilet slave!

I look forward to My next visit to Atlanta. Undoubtedly he’s hungry for more….


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