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Author: AlexandraSadista

Upcoming Travel, Detroit, and More

Good morning, fellow Kinksters. I am about to depart for My annual trip to the southern hemisphere where I will be exploring the jungle, bathing in thermal pools, and dipping My body in the warm waters of the Pacific. Yes, this Goddess is a lover of nature in the tropics, warm/hot climates, and as many know I’ve a deep love for the ocean. I will be away as of this Friday until April 22nd.

Sessions will resume on Sunday, April 24th. If you wish to submit your application while I am gone, allow extra time for a response.

Exciting news for My bottoms and submissives! I have been adding high-quality items to My gear collection. I will soon own the Lovense Edge 2 toy, a Winter Fetish darlex sleep sack with multiple strategically-placed zippers, a rubber, inflatable sleep sack with several belts for a tighter squeeze, leather mitts and suspension cuffs, lots of latex tubing for medical bondage scenes, and more.

Once I return from My trip, the priority will switch to custom leather and latex attire for ME, as I have been itching for many new pieces. Those who wish to contribute to My collection can find opportunities on My Wish List. Surprise Me, you cannot go wrong with ANY of those items.

Regarding My most recent work trip… Well, Detroit simply never disappoints. Service began weeks before I even arrived, with one locked in chastity, another committed to abstaining per My order. Games were played, boys were teased and primed for Me (and their pleasure denied, of course). And it was clear upon their arrival that they were focused, excited, and ready to surrender themselves to Me. And it was evident after our play that each was left a better person, having explored new worlds, being pushed to new levels of intensity, deepening your submission.

One of My boys wrote a lovely letter of gratitude after our meeting, during which he experienced heavy bondage and immobilization, was placed in various predicaments, and enjoyed being on the receiving end of this enema fetishist. You may read it here: www.Iamyourfetish.com/interests/reviews/

I am feeling generous this morning, hence the multiple pics in this news post! Below are a few pics from a few memorable moments in My hotel room:

That is all for this morning. To My boys who won’t see Me for the next couple of weeks, stay focused and active in your service in whichever way you can. Goddess always notices your efforts. And to those who have not served or suffered for Me yet… WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

~Dominatrix Alexandra Sadista

Traveling to Detroit March 25—27

DETROIT! I am returning with a full suitcase (or two) filled with delightful toys and equipment. As usual, half of My time has already been booked. Don’t fret, there are plenty of opportunities! My availability is as follows:

Friday, March 25th: 3PM until 6PM and again at 10PM-midnight
Saturday, March 26th: 10AM until 1PM and again 4-6PM
Sunday, March 27th: 10AM until 3PM

I welcome those who desire a memorable & genuine immersion in BDSM (bondage / discipline / dominance / submission / sadomasochism). This is the FemDom experience you crave, a fetishist’s dream turned reality. Communicate clearly, your safety and consent is important!

What I offer is professional domination/FemDom. I offer What I DO NOT offer is any type of escort or sexual services, bondassage, wrestling, or switch sessions.

If you are new to BDSM, I will see you provided you have read My website, do not make inappropriate requests, and follow My booking protocol to a T. A minimum of one hour is required too book.

If your fantasy is to worship and pamper My feet, and nothing more, then ask Me about a lower tribute. Thirty minute or one hour appointments are available ONLY for foot fetishists.

Interested parties can send an inquiry by filling out this form: www.IamyourFetish.com/contact

BTW I am triple vaccinated. Include your vaccination status in your inquiry.

See you soon, My pets!

It has been eighteen months since My last visit which was just before the pandemic took over our lives. I am happy to announce My return to Detroit! A suburb near Troy, to be more precise.

My pop-up Dungeon and fabulous fetish attire will be accompanying Me, as is usually the case. I will be equipped to engage in BDSM scenes involving bondage (light-medium, predicament, inescapable), electrical play, genital torture, medical scenes, and more. I also enjoy giving the curious and the brave a mild introduction to BDSM. Lastly I will mention, because I intimidate many, that you may rest assured your pain and suffering is not a requirement… but it is a gift I am very fond of receiving.

Those who wish to serve Me must fill out My form in its entirety. Include your vaccination status. After the booking process is complete and the deposit has been received, you will be given a set of instructions so you may prepare yourself for Me. I find a male who I’ve instructed to remain chaste, with eagerness and anticipation building by the hour, is more suitably prepared and focused than a male left to his own devices.

Half of My time is already spoken for, leaving only a few options:

• Friday late afternoon to evening
• Saturday late afternoon, only two hours available
• Sunday morning between 9AM-noon

See you soon, Detroit.

The long-awaited day is here. I am very pleased to announce I will be booking appointments beginning late May! While I have not been completely devoid of BDSM activity in the last thirteen months, I have been deprived of connecting with many of you whom I thoroughly enjoy hurting. And the opportunity to meet new play partners has been completely nonexistent. So, if you are NOT among the few in My inner kink circle Ive seen during the pandemic, and you wish to meet or reconnect with Me, then listen up!

First up, HOUSTON! I am currently booking on Friday, May 21 and Saturday, May 22 ONLY. Appointments will take place in a fully equipped, professional and private play space in east downtown area. I will be limiting the number of sessions each day to allow extra time in between each appointment to disinfect and sterilize as needed. Masks will be required. you will be asked a series of questions along with the usual scene negotiation to ensure each other’s health and safety. Click here to begin filling out the session request form.

Next, CHICAGO! In-person sessions will resume May 29th! I am currently negotiating scenes for May and June, so it is not too early to begin the discussion of a potential session. I look forward to connecting (and reconnecting) with you soon.

Request an appointment by filling out My form in its entirety. Priority will be given to those that take the time to communicate respectfully and efficiently. Look out for My following post detailing Covid-19 precautions and the subtle changes in how we will interact.

So what have I been up to since quarantine regulations began? In addition to filming clips and taking lots of gorgeous photos, I have started filming custom videos for My loyal boys as well as aspiring submissives.

My custom videos cater to the fetish desires clearly specified by you. I will address you by the name you submit, if you choose this option, and discuss in great detail the topic or fetish that interests you most. So far the themes have ranged from full toilet instructions for an aspiring toilet, cbt techniques used to overpower My submissive, techniques for improving your cock-sucking abilities, an introduction by Moi so you may get to know Me better, and how I will transform you into My sissy and make you My bitch. Oh, and My personal favorite of course, CEI. you may also customize your video with a wardrobe request featuring a specific outfit and pair of boots or heels. I suggest you browse My look over My list of interests and this news page for inspiration, if needed.

At this time, all videos will only be of Me. Normally, you would have the option to include a male submissive or one of My gorgeous Dominant and/or submissive Female friends I regularly play with.

If you would like to order a custom video, email Me the following information:

• your name and if you would like Me to use it in the video
• the content you wish to see
• wardrobe request, if any
• if you wish for exclusivity (will only be seen by you) – extra cost
• if you wish for rush delivery – extra cost

What you may NOT ask for:

• nudity
• submissive behavior
• to follow a long, detailed script

Custom videos begin at $100. The length of the video clip will determine the tribute amount. The turnaround for custom videos will depend on My workload. I will give be more specific over email. The average wait time is one week to a month.

Now, I am off to pack My bags for My trip to the Dungeon tomorrow to shoot content for My clips4sale store! Sweet dreams, slaves.

Lock Down

And not the kind of lockdown that comes to mind… the kind you would much rather think about as well. Whether it means locked in a chastity device, and having your sex controlled by Me indefinitely, or locked in an overnight cage until I am ready to use you. Locked in a leather sleep sack and sensory deprivation hood, catheter in place, for an indefinite amount of time. Restrained in heavy bondage, on My bondage bed or leather sling, inescapably, the weight of the chains reminding you will not go anywhere, as I run My fingernails over your skin, over the leather, teasing your exposed flesh…

No, not the fun kind. Such a shame, as I was looking forward to playing after a long six weeks away.

As these days turn into weeks and inevitably months, I encourage you to take even better care of yourselves. Formulate a plan to stay active, eat well. Get some fresh air every now and then! Take the necessary precautions if you absolutely must go out to run errands. If you live in IL, we will be taking shelter-in-place as of tonight. Who knows how long this will last…

The good news is that you can begin or continue to be trained, controlled, and used by Me. I’ve really only offered certain submissives and loyal slaves these options over the years, especially out-of-towners. But seeing as our world has been flipped upside down and inside out, these options are available to ALL of you now…

This is the next best thing to seeing Me in the flesh. Tease & Denial, JOI mixed with Sadism, CEI (a personal fave!), Golden Showers, Mommy role play, POV worship (body, cock, fetish high heels and boots, leather and latex, gloves), and more. Tribute can be sent via CashApp at $alexsadista and sessions must be scheduled in advance.
AVAILABILITY: Weekends from noon until midnight and weekdays after 7PM.

Text domination- task assignments – chastity control. you may be required to send pics of your locked up cock, ass in panties, mouth filled with your own cum. Get naked, assume the proper position, and confess your deepest desires!
LINK: https://www.sextpanther.com/Alexandra-Sadista
AVAILABILITY: Check My Twitter feed for availability. If you wish to chat at a specific time, simply send a request via email with the day and time: Iamyourfetish@gmail.com

Let’s stay healthy, let’s stay connected. I know you need it.
~Goddess, slave-owner and slave-trainer, Sadist Alexandra Sadista

I’ve a bit of upcoming travel from now until the end of March. When in Chicago, I am available every day of the week. My travel dates and availability as of Friday, January 17th is as follows:

Sunday, 1/26: FemDom Event, unavailable
Monday, 1/27*
Tuesday, 1/28 after 9PM
Thursday, 1/30*
January 31 until February 2 in Detroit – FULLY BOOKED!
Monday, 2/3 after 9:30PM
Tuesday, 2/4 after 9PM
Wednesday, 2/5*
February 7 until 12 in Miami
February 12 until March 16 in South America

*preferably after 7PM but daytime available with 48+ hours notice
I will update this as My schedule changes.

Next weekend is My FemDom Event, the second one of its kind. I will soon post about the nature of the party, and how you may apply to be considered. For now, know that I am only considering submissives who have played with the Dominas that are attending, or have IMPECCABLE references.

In two weeks I will be arriving in Detroit for a weekend with My devoted boys. I am particularly excited about reconnecting with a toilet I have not fed in years who is as nasty as they come! he reminds Me of the toilets I have played with in the South… they get durrrrrty! Anyway, the following weekend, I leave for Miami for five days, staying a block away from the beach and the Atlantic Ocean. I’ve only made time for a hot play date with one of My favorites, otherwise I will be spending time relaxing and soaking up the warmth and sun that My body desperately needs. Following that, I will be traveling to South America for almost a month. Why so long? Well, it’s a fact I have a very hard time with bitterly cold winters. The only way to get through it will be to take annual trips to warmer climates. Since I have family in South America, I will be traveling there once a year when winter is at its peak.

Per usual, I will always announce My travel dates with ample notice and have them posted on My website as well. Houston and Detroit will stay in regular rotation, and I will possibly add one more city to the mix. The goal is to travel one weekend per month in 2020.

There you have it. Plan accordingly!

Sessions are being booked for the evening of Friday, January 31st until Sunday, February 2nd (check out is flexible, could extend until 4PM).  I will once again be staying in the Royal Oak area. I always book My appointments in advance and am usually booked solid before My arrival. In order to book an appointment, read the information I have provided for you on this website. Be prepared to state your interests and areas of BDSM you wish to explore, and your hard limits. Fill out the application form, and we shall discuss! www.Iamyourfetish.com/contact

See you in a month, Detroit!

Recently I organized a party for My friends and I, and it went very well. sissy-slut tammy and My personal devoted toilet bitch and property were invited to serve and entertain Me and three of My gorgeous friends; Mistress Ammunition/Ammo, Mistress Katrina, and Lady Mynx. My bitch was to serve as the party toilet for all the Women, and sissy tammy was to provide the holes My friends and I would fill.

When My toilet arrived, he greeted each one of Us individually with a kiss to Our boots, then recited a mantra he had specifically written for each. After the brief introduction, he was instructed to get into position in the area I had set up for him on the south end of the Dungeon with a toilet box behind a partition for discretion. We each were ready to put him to use. During the half hour that followed, We each took turns giving him plenty to eat and drink.

After We all used the party toilet, tammy arrived. she was immediately taken into the crossdressing closet on the north end of the Dungeon, and properly dressed and prepped by My cohorts.

In the meantime, I tended to My toilet bitch who had quite the meal to consume sitting in front of him. I took My time chatting and spoon-feeding him Our caviar as I drank My coffee and ate a blueberry muffin (yes, I am that unphased by scat play haha!) until I was ready to join the others. Party toilet was instructed to continue to eat while We were in the other room with Our slut.

sissy tammy was given the task of writing a synopsis of her experience:

What more could a sissy slut ask for??!!  Strap-on Sunday funday sounded like fun!  Upon arriving, i was greeted by Goddess Alexandra and her friends Miss Ammunition, Katrina Black and Lady Mynx. Goddess Alexandra does with me as She pleases, but i was so honored She had mentioned me to Her friends and honored that They wanted a piece of me as well.  🙂  The Ladies walked me back to the dress up area and Goddess Alexandra ordered me to strip naked. She then left me with Her friends as She tended to some other business. Goddess’s friends then debated how They wanted to dress me and the consensus was a trashy slut whose endgame was an ultimate walk of shame.  Their mission was a huge success!  They put me in a sequined dress, sparkly makeup, boobs popping out, fishnet stockings, the works.  About that time, Goddess Alexandra came back and admired the work of the Ladies.  Goddess touched up my lip gloss and helped me select some heels.  i crammed my feet into heels that were likely a size too small, but it did not matter… i would not be walking much, as Goddess pointed out.  Goddess then paraded me into the room with the other ladies.  i stumbled in my heels as the ladies prepared for the “second act”. Miss Ammo was anxious and already had a 7” strapon on. She put one foot up on the spanking bench to which i was being led and gyrated her hips to make her cock flop up and down.  So excited i was, knowing that Goddess had told of my ability to take cock that Her friends wanted to test me out.  Goddess led me to the spanking bench and strapped down my wrists and ankles. At that point,  i would not be able to leave even if i wanted (i would never resist Goddess). Miss Ammo then began to insert her huge cock in my mouth, meanwhile Mistress Katrina started to play with my pussy.  Miss Ammo pushed me to deep throat the whole thing.  When She saw how well i took it, She grabbed my head and forced me to gag on her huge cock. When i gagged, Mistress Katrina squealed with delight as she could feel my back end clench around her fingers.  Once Mistress Katrina had me loosened up, Goddess Alexandra mounted me and led off taking me from behind.  There is something so comforting about Goddess plowing me from behind.  i know She knows my limits but will also push me.  W(w)e really have a wonderful bond.  As Goddess Alexandra started to pump me, i became more relaxed… knowing what lay ahead for me. i did not want to let Goddess down.  Clearly Her friends had shown up expecting a slut that could take a pounding, and i didn’t want to disappoint.  Goddess proceeded to pound me and warm me up as Miss Ammo pumped my mouth full of cock.  All sorts of laughter and lewd comments ensued from the Ladies— how fun to be the center of their attention! From there it was a sweet rotation of beautiful women filling me from both ends. Once Goddess Alexandra had Her fill, Miss Ammo rotated to the back and Mistress Katrina got in front of me.  Miss Ammo had questioned whether i could take Her big cock. It was a challenge at first, but very much worth it.  She fucked me so hard and deep that i was on the verge of cumming multiple times.  i did not want to embarrass Goddess so I fought the urge off with every ounce of restraint. Miss Ammo is incredibly aggressive and bangs with a passion. Several times the spanking bench lifted into the air she was hammering me with such force— what a delight! Next up was Mistress Katrina and she takes the term drilling to another level.  A jackhammer comes to mind when thinking of the experience.  As she drilled me from behind, lady Mynx got in front of me and started force-feeding me her dick. She really enjoyed me deep-throating as my head kept hitting her pelvis with each thrust from Mistress Katrina.  This was sissy slut heaven— but it wasn’t quite over yet. Lady Mynx of course wanted her turn and was not to be outdone by the others. She gave me several minutes of hard pounding and as she was a little taller than the others, able to penetrate me at slightly different angles.  As She was going to town, the other three circled in front of me and wagered whether They could all fit their cocks in my mouth. All three briefly did it! As great as that was, my time was winding down and it was time to conclude the session. The Ladies all helped me to undress and told me to get on my knees once again. Goddess was unsure if She should let me release, but luckily the other three wonderful Ladies voted to allow me to cum. As I kneeled, there was difficulty getting erect. As the Ladies all still had their strap one i leaned forward and began to suck Goddess dildo once again. That immediately gave me an erection as she joked, “well, did you even ask??” I soon came and caught the load in my off hand. Thinking that was the end, i asked for something to clean up with. Goddess shook her head and told me to put some on her cock and clean it up. i did as told and the other Ladies liked the idea… so i had to lick my own cum off each one of their cocks. Such devious minds on these Ladies! With all that said, i had a wonderful afternoon with Goddess and her friends— and i cannot wait until our next encounter!

I need not say more about what went on with sissy slut tammy, but I do need to mention that when I went to check in on My party toilet, he had finished eating EVERYTHING on his plate. This highly pleased Me, and further reassured that My training over the years had really paid off. Of course, his the task was not complete until he licked clean the glass plate and spoon he used to dine on Our exquisite treats!

As My property, My toilet bitch has learned how I like to be pampered and has become somewhat adept at massages. After I instructed him to spend some time at Our feet, he presented Us with four different oils to choose from before massaging the eight feet in front of him.

My devoted toilet bitch did very well. So well, up until the very end when he decided to release without explicit permission after being granted a release! Note to subs, the purpose of asking for permission to cum is defeated if you ask AS you are orgasming! Well, not only did he earn a release, he also earned multiple, hard cane strokes to each inner thigh by each one of Us leaving him with physical reminders of his poorly timed release.

The afternoon was an absolute blast. I decided that it was too much fun for it to be a one-off event. I am currently planning the second rendezvous in January, and already have a masochist and a couple sluts in mind.

As a side note, these two participants were not randomly chosen. they were both selected by Me to entertain Us because I knew they will do their absolute best to serve properly. I knew they wouldn’t be difficult, clumsy, or be easily distracted from their purpose despite being dominated by four Women. My devoted toilet bitch has been in loyal service to Me for almost eight years. he is My property, marked and sex controlled by Me. he is not “a lucky guy” for being allowed to participate. he has worked very hard, followed My orders, been disciplined, generous, and committed to his role and sole purpose in My life of being My toilet bitch. And while sissy tammy is not My personal slave, she has shown a deep desire to please and entertain over the years. she is what every sissy should be; respectful, eager, humble, with a sense of humor, and she walks the talk (meaning she can actually take it like a good little bitch slut).

My devoted toilet bitch’s synopsis coming soon, as well as pics from the event.

OH, and happy holidays to all from this happy Pervert!

I am returning to Houston and have limited time available on all three days to see new clients in the East Downtown area. I absolutely love playing at the very well equipped Vault belonging to friend and colleague Domina Shannon. As always, I will bring My preferred toys such as extensive estim collection, whips and floggers, and favorite implements for CBT and NT. Medical fetish or heavy rubber bondage sessions MUST be booked before I arrive in Houston.

Available times include:
Friday after 7PM
Saturday after 6PM
Sunday between 10AM and noon, 5PM and 7PM

Be sure to read My website before filling out the application: www.IamyourFetish.com
Deposits made easily and anonymously are required.

I always love visiting My hometown, and have enjoyed getting to know the people I regularly play with. For those seeking ongoing training, I will be visiting 4 to 5 times in 2020.

See you soon, H-Town boys.