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Introduction to Suspension at KitC

I have admired and respected those who are skilled in the art of Shibari for years now. Being a rope bondage enthusiast (on the receiving end),  I envy those that can seamlessly capture a body in their web of rope. On numerous occasions have I been challenged to endure the physical strain, mentally fight temporary discomfort, knowing the result will leave Me hanging in mid-air, with the taut maze of ropes above Me supporting My state of freedom I find while suspending. Finally, I was able to give that gift.

Gray Dancer (of was amongst the few presenters at Kink in the Caribbean 12. I was instantly drawn to his class, knowing that all levels of experience were welcome, and he would be walking us through a few basic ties that, to My surprise, ended in suspension. The classes were being held on the beach about 15′ from the ocean, another reason I could not pass up the opportunity.

Also presenting was Princess Kali, a friendly, upbeat soul with tons of valuable information to share about Her experiences. Her site has a hundreds of video clips for those interested in just about anything kinky and perverted!

I will be writing more about My adventures at KitC 12, DomCon Atlanta, and sharing various naughty details soon…

Forced-Bi Party (Monday, March 21, 2011)

Last month I attended The Studio for a “forced-bi”video shoot. I was invited by Mistress Xena, and after realizing My personal slave was going to be flying in that same day, I asked if he could have the privilege of attending. Of course, this under the one condition.. he was not to know nor be made aware of any details for the evening. My pet was under the assumption it was going to be a “play party” similar to the many we have attended.. we might or might not engage in play, but service and focus on Me was required at all times. I did grant him the opportunity to play with the other Ladies in attendance, if they felt so inclined. He was wagging his tail between his feet in anticipation.

We arrived, and the set up was as if the party had not quite yet begun. In actuality, the REAL party hadn’t, as a few cock-sucking subs had not arrived. We (the Ladies) proceeded with the plan and began getting Our pictures taken. We strapped on our cocks and got ready for the main event. There were various camera angles to enhance Our already intimidating dildos, BJs between the sloppy attendees, multiple cocks being stuffed into single mouths, etc. There was too much action to be caught by the multiple videographers and photographers. Sometimes it was too gross to watch.. the vision of a red, hairy, sweaty ass in the air while being forced to 69 another unappealing hairy sub underneath him almost made Me gag. It was disgusting, however, I did enjoy teaming up with Mistress Vittoria and Lady Maria while we ravaged some holes.. It was an ugly mess amongst exquisite beauties:

The shoot went on for hours, and when most the boys had tuckered out, I volunteered My slave to continue with another portion of the shoot. We worked on him for a while, five-on-one, and just before he was completely broken, we ended the shoot. We were satisfied. All Our cocks had gotten the attention they deserved, and all the subs had received and given their share of BJs, 69s, rim jobs, etc. I am almost too disgusted to continue writing about it because it continues to bring up mental images, so I will stop now.

Atlanta/Houston (archived post — 10/13/11)

Yes, it has been months since I’ve logged into My blog. So much has occurred.. I moved out of My apartment where I had a part-time live-in slave into a loft with My lover/kinky partner. After four months of dealing with a less than pleasant situation we have decided to move elsewhere at the end of November. It is a shame, but I at least hope to shoot a handful of videos in the play space I created.

That is the only part of My fabulous life that has been hell.
I was recently in Atlanta for DomCon. I travelled with Domina Natalya Sadici and slave-pee, stayed in a beautiful condo Downtown, and had a twelve hour day of shooting videos wit Goddess Cheyenne and multiple video sluts! Coincidentally, it was Gay Pride weekend, and the parade was fabulous. What a whirlwind of a trip.
The classes I attended were presented with very knowledgable people. I especially enjoyed the first one involving a demonstration of a saline infusion. The demo sub had to cancel last minute, so I offered slave-pee to fill in. After being explained how to properly administer an infusion three times (twice privately), I am ready to do one on My own. There are so many parts of the body I am dying to experiment with!
I am now in Houston, about to get dolled up in My new latex dress to do a photoshoot with My rubba-boy at the Eros Boutique. In My 22 years of living in H-town, I never visited that store. No time like the present.
Here are the GRAND news… this time of year has always been My favorite for many reasons; the transition into fall, the Halloween festivities, followed by My birthday. This year is extremely special in that it falls on 11/11/11. I will be celebrating in Kink in the Caribbean November 3-10, and flying home in time to celebrate with loved ones! If you’re feeling generous, you should go to My wish list on Amazon (search Alexandra Sadista), or visit My website for suggestions ( Happy Birthday to Me!
More updates later… and I do have much more to tell. And yes, I am accepting appointments until I leave Houston on Wednesday, the 19th at Domina Shannon’s fabulous Dungeon. And we offer doubles, triples if you’re daring enough, with Mistress Lilly (!

My New Blog Home

Welcome to My new blog. Over the course of the next few weeks I will be posting new blogs about recent adventures, as well as re-posting from a previous blogging site.

I am Mistress Alexandra “I am your Fetish” Sadista. I am the Mistress formerly known as Mz Candyxxx.

I am an Independent Professional Dominatrix. I am a Lifestyle Perv and a Lover of Sadism, with a deep appreciation for Female Dominance. I am instinctive and intuitive, a playful pervette, a stern sadist, a curious cat, a kinky scientist, a nurturing Mother Dearest, an animated being saturated with richness.

My perverted tendencies date back to age 5, when I discovered My sexuality. I was introduced to a kinky lifestyle at age 19. Soon after, I began performing extensively and organizing fetish events, thus solidifying My involvement in the Texas fetish community. I moved to Chicago in 2004 and fell into a very similar, yet more mature way of life. In 2008, I made the natural transition into the realm of professional domination. Years later, I find Myself physically, psychically and spiritually connected to various aspects of BDSM.