Current Obsession

Delicious Electro Torture. Electrode pads, and watching muscles twitch. Using butt plugs in interrogation scenes. Manipulating the effect of electrical currents as the urethral sound slides in and out quickly, then very slowly. Watching the anal probe penetrate with deliberate thrusts, turning it up, watching it move faster. Crushing your scrotum between two conductive plates, and just when the pressure becomes too much, sending shocks through your flattened balls to distract you. Let’s just call it what it is, My obsession.

It began in 1996 when a Dominatrix used a violet wand on Me during My first visit to a Dungeon. Anticipating the shock as She introduced Me to these brand new sensations was exhilarating. I was fascinated with how it felt on My skin. I was just beginning to explore several areas of lighter BDSM play, so it would be many years before I would be exposed to electrical play on a whole other level – tens units, power boxes, various attachments and insertables of all kinds. Fast forward to now, I cannot get My hands on enough toys!

So which toys have I procured in the last few years to feed My obsession?

One of My personal favorites is the electro ball crusher with electrical strips on the bottom AND top plate. This device allows for heavy duty cbt as it leaves the cock available for urethral penetration, stimulation to the glans and shaft, and/or estim clamps all while the balls are being crushed (for My pleasure) with intense currents flowing from all directions.

Ball crusher and cock cap at work.

Another popular device that gets a lot of requests is the depth charge butt probe. On the right setting, it causes you to feel as if you are being penetrated as it causes thrusting sensations while stimulating you electrically, directly on your prostate.

Vulnerably bound and anally probed.
Depth Charge Butt Probe
Depth Charge Anal Probe

The items below were also purchased and (most) have been enjoyed thoroughly in the last several years:

• ElectraStim Electro Urethra Sound
• ErosTek Cock Cap
• MyStim EStim Vibrator (see pic)
• ElectraStim Electro Sex Stroker / Jack Socket (see pic)
• ElectraStim Exreme Electro Butt Plug (see pic)
• ElectraStim Silicone Noir Sirius Electro Prostate Massager
• EStim Systems Torpedo Butt Plug Small (Length: 5.1″ x Diameter: 1.5″)
• MyStim Electro Cock Cage 2.0 with Urethral Sound (see pic)
• Various Nipple/CBT clamps, parachutes, electrodes of several shapes and sizes

I am in process of researching new toys to add to My collection and have a couple of urethral toys in sight. I admit I have a tendency to go big when it comes to My toys rather than purchasing the one-size-fits-all toys. Do you have a favorite estim toy? Email Me at if you own one you absolutely love or have experienced that has blown your mind (or wad). I would like to hear from you, electro-sluts!

Electric Butt Plug
Extreme Butt Plug
Electro Stroker
Sex Stroker
E-Stim Vibe
EStim Vibe
Electro Cock Cage w/Sound

Montreal Fetish Weekend

Oh, Montreal, what a joy to cavort about your streets donning Our slippery latex ensembles, putting our fetishes on display for the people on the streets to admire, and with four other Chicagoans in tow… MFW, you did not disappoint!

The weekend was a whirlwind and was over before we knew it, yet each and every moment was savored. We arrived late on Thursday night just in time to crawl into bed in order to be well rested for the remainder of the weekend. I left my hotel-mates in bed on Friday morning to shoot videos with a local submissive with a penchant for gloves, particularly leather. We shot a few scenes involving CBT, light bondage, and of course glove worship. I may have been too much for him to handle, as his request for the last clip was for it to be tickling.

Anyway, I returned to the host hotel just in time to attend Vicky Devika’s Breath Play class. I always find there is something to learn when I attend a class regardless of the knowledge and experience I’ve acquired during My years in professional domination. In recent months I have been enthralled with free divers, their training methods, and the capabilities of the human body when placed in certain situations such as lack of oxygen for an extended period of time. As it turns out, Vicky is a trained free diver. She incorporated the knowledge she gained from her diving experiences into exploring her fetish of (what some may consider extreme) erotic asphyxiation. Her class was very informative, and her demonstrations left several of us hot and bothered — I mean, a very attractive being in a latex catsuit with head in plastic bag and later gas mask, cutting off their own oxygen, lots of heavy breathing…. OOOF.

Later we ventured out to one of the events knowing I would be calling it an early night. I had a long run planned for the next day as part of My marathon training. I was not able to run the distance I hoped to, but I did manage an 11.5 mile/18.5 km run through Old Montreal, over to Mount Royal and through the Notre Dame des Neiges cemeteries, downtown and then back to Old Montreal. After some rest, we geared up for the evening’s festivities which included dinner with four other latex-clad kinksters in what seemed like a touristy area. It really is a very (kink) friendly city. We turned lots of heads however no one was rude or inappropriate, much to My pleasant surprise. We then headed to the weekend’s largest event, the LateXtacy Ball. Oh My, what rubber-y goodness! Latex clad beauties wherever in sight, some pretty hot SM performances, lots of visual stimulation to take in. My cohorts and I did a fair share of gawking and mingling before piling into the back of a school bus that took us back to our hotel.

The next day we crammed in a visit the Museum of Fine Arts for the GORGEOUS Thierry Mugler exhibit, shopping at a Polymorphe pop-up store, then the Fetish Walk. The Fetish Walk may have been My favorite part of the trip! Over a hundred people in fetish gear, mostly latex, made a spectacle as we took the train together, walked through touristy areas, played in a water fountain, and then returned to our hotel on the same train. Of course we stopped to take pictures at every location! To be out and about in gorgeous, latex regalia and to be found fascinating by both locals and tourists alike, pleasantly welcomed in every area we went to, was a very unique experience.

I am pretty sure we will be returning next year. Who can say no to a weekend with My Chicago cohorts and friendly kinksters from around the world in a beautiful, welcoming city like Montreal?

eXplicit Play Party

You’ve been longing for a play party of this nature. After all, it’s been years since Chicago has offered kinksters and hedonists the opportunity to socialize, learn, and play among each other in an elegant BDSM Dungeon. This is your opportunity. We hope you will join us for our first ever eXplicit Play Party.

The eXplicit Party is on Saturday, September 7th from 9PM-2AM at the Studio. Our evening will feature BDSM and Fetish Demonstrations by Dominatrix Alexandra Sadista, Miss Ammunition, and Queerella Fistalot.

Play is encouraged! BYOT [please bring your own toys]. The Studio is well equipped with a variety of furniture conducive to a variety of BDSM scenarios including a St. Andrew’s Cross, a large bondage bed, a mummification/bondage table, a medical exam/gynecological table, a bondage wall, a wooden rack for suspension, multiple spanking benches, a metal standing cell, and more.

Complimentary Hors D’euvres and light beverages will be served. 

An RSVP is required from each individual attending in order to be added to the list, and to receive the pertinent information including door donation and rules for the event:

All proceeds from this event will be donated to the AIDS Foundation of Chicago. If you cannot attend and would like to make a donation, go to:

UPDATE: Available time slots remaining include Friday the 9th from 7PM til 2AM, Saturday the 10th from 7PM til midnight, and Sunday the 11th from 4-6PM

I am booking appointments now for My upcoming trip at Domina Shannon’s very well equipped Dungeon in East Downtown. I am booking appointments for one-on-one BDSM / fetish sessions, D/s dinner outing and public play (Dungeon time required prior to outing), shopping. Tribute applies for all interactions with exception of shopping. Fill out the form to apply for a session:

Medical scenes and fetishes requiring specific toys, wardrobe requests, and FTT appointments must be made in advance and secured with a deposit. I will only consider wardrobe requests that include latex, leather, lingerie, and fetish boots specifically seen in My photos.

Be on your best behavior when contacting Me. Do make sure you include all the information requested when filling out My form. Deposits required to confirm our time. It is more efficient for you to provide your exact availability rather than ask for Mine. If you are providing verifiable references, be sure to inform the Pro-Domina so She knows She will be contacted. Include pertinent information such as Her website URL or link to Her ad, phone, email, date of session, memorable details.

See you very soon, Houston slaves and fetishists!

Fantasy Made Flesh

Our meeting left him a bit speechless and in shock. My boy found himself in a similar predicament for a third time, and the fantasy he dreamt about for decades was REALLY about to happen. I showed My boy a photo of the young, supple male adorned with a cock ring who would soon arrive. The eager participant arrived, and I immediately arranged their bodies so My boy could take the forbidden fruit into his hands and guide it into his mouth. The scene continued, and bodies were repositioned, groans filling the air. It was a wonderfully orchestrated, perverse scenario I will soon not forget.

On his way out, I instructed My boy to orgasm by masturbation when he returned home. No instruction was needed as he knows how I prefer he dispose of the mess.

“How did it taste this time?” I asked.

“Not much taste. And i was surprised it was not gooey but watery.  i fantasized Your Voice calling me a cock slut, whore, and filthy. I reimagined lightly stroking his thighs and Your hand on the back of my head.  i returned to the sensation of You taking off my blind fold to force me to come to grips with what i was doing.  And i came feeling the table top against my cheek, the weight pinning me down, and the violation.  You are VERY good at what You do Master.  Thank You.”

IML + Vespertine

IML/ Vespertine weekend never disappoints. I have been actively involved with both events for 13 years, and look forward to it every year. I always feel as I am in My natural habitat, which is because I probably was a gay leather man in a previous life. I normally only attend the Vendor’s Market at the host hotel which places Me immediately in the kid-in-a-candy-store mindset as I window shop for a few hours, then make another round to make My purchases. Then, I return another day to purchase more!

Mr. S Leather took most of My money (and slave’s), and as a result I’ve several new toys & power box to add to My collection. I finally upgraded to an ErosTek ET312B after using the ET232 and Folsom power box for years. I also picked up a Fleshjack Electro Stroker, a unique cordless silicone e-stim vibe, the extreme electro sex butt plug, and the small torpedo butt plug. And adapters, electrodes, leads, bands… things you can’t have enough of in your e-stim kit. I also made sure to show some of My favorite vendors support by purchasing a few impact toys and tools for the medical fetishist (ME).

The weekend ended at Vespertine, a Play Party for Queer Women founded and organized by My beloved Sister in Kink Daddy Sky. I have seen this gathering evolve into such a beautifully diverse event since its inception. It is an all inclusive, safe environment for Queer Women to play and enjoy. I personally had the pleasure of suspending and playing with My cohort Queerella aka Mistress Katrina. Her marks are blooming and are quite colorful! I also watched two very intense fisting scenes, one anal and one vaginal. I have fisted both in various ways, however I have yet to go elbow deep so it remains a goal! The night ended in pure bliss. Intense, sensual, invasive play in every direction My head turned. There is nothing quite like the symphony of moans, groans, whimpers, whispers, grunts, giggles, slaps, whacks, cracks, buzzzzzzzzz, zaps… not to mention the visuals!

Now that the weekend is behind Me I can continue My regularly scheduled program, and tackle a few projects I’ve been working on. This will include a few major purchases that will allow Me to resume shooting videos with better quality and lighting, as well as contribute to the Sadista Klinik I am in the process of assembling. Stay tuned!

Sessions are being booked for Friday evening after 7PM until Sunday 11AM (flexible, could extend until 4PM).  My time is always reserved in advance as booking protocol must be followed. It is quite simple, just read ALl the info and follow ALL the instructions on My website, and let’s discuss!

WHY, YES, THAT IS AN ENEMA BAG IN THE PIC!  As many of you know, I am a medical fetishist. This means I do offer enema cleansings, retention, punishments while traveling.  All enema fetish sessions MUST be booked in advance and require at least two hours of play.

~Dominatrix Alexandra Sadista

PhillatioFoot and I hope you can join us on Saturday, May 11th for our Kinky Boots Foot Fetish Party. The party will begin at 8PM and goes until 1AM. There will be a performance by Miss Ammunition and a sexiest boot presentation/contest (Women only!).

If it is your first time… Welcome!  Some of you have asked about the rules.  Basically, have fun and keep it classy.   Play should only include foot worship, tickling, massages, trampling, and any wonderful activity revolving around and catering to foot fetishists.  Any play outside of the foot fetish realm and nudity is not allowed, nor inappropriate requests.  We have seven private/semi-private areas available along with several areas in the main room for you to play in.  Again, nudity is not allowed.  No sex acts, period.  If someone makes an inappropriate or offensive request, please let me know and either Phil or I will handle the situation.  These parties have a good reputation, let’s keep it that way!

This is the longest running party of its kind in Chicago – 17+ yrs!  We strive to create a safe and classy event to bring together admirers of feet and the Women that enjoy being pampered.

Women do not have to pay a donation at the door, however men are asked to do so and bring a bottle of wine for the Ladies to enjoy.  Evening wear / cocktail dresses and festive looks are welcome.  We will have hors d’oeuvres and light beverages for you to enjoy.

RSVP:  If you have any additional questions, do not hesitate to ask.  Let me know if you would like to attend, and if you plan on bringing a guest.  We will need his/her name for the RSVP list.  If we do not have your full name or your guest’s for the RSVP list, you will not be allowed entry.  The address and parking information will be sent on the day of the event.

~Goddess Alexandra

UPDATE: Available time slots remaining are Friday the 19th from 9PM til 2AM and Sunday the 21st from 4:30PM til 8PM.

I have already started booking appointments in Houston, TX! I lived in the Montrose area and other parts of town for the majority of My childhood and young adult life. I am excited to return to see dear friends which will make My play time limited.

That said, be on your best behavior when contacting Me. Do make sure you include all the information requested when filling out My form. Do expect to send a deposit to confirm our time. It is more efficient for you to provide your exact availability rather than ask for Mine. If you are providing verifiable references, be sure to inform the ProDomina so She knows She will be contacted. Include pertinent information such as Her website URL or link to Her ad, phone, email, date of session, memorable details.

I will be conducting sessions at Domina Shannon’s Dungeon which is very well equipped and discreetly located near Downtown Houston and the Minute Maid Park. Bondage lovers, the furniture in this studio is perfect for you. The St. Catherine’s Wheel and metal cbt chair (see photo) has endless possibilities. I will be bringing My favorite personal items such as My electro torture kit, favorite whips and cbt/nt toys, and supplies for medical fetish scenes.

Medical fetish sessions are required to book in advance. I will not bring play piercing needles, catheters, sutures, medical staplers, enema supplies, etc unless you have arranged a scene with Me and sent a deposit.

FTT – I will only be seeing one FT while in town. Our appointment must take place in the morning on Saturday ending by 1PM or on Sunday afternoon after 1PM. I have been training new and experienced Ts for over a decade. Do not expect any physical contact or “t.p. service” as I do not allow it. your sole purpose is to be a toilet, and nothing else.

I will consider wardrobe requests that include latex, leather, lingerie, and fetish boots specifically seen in My photos, otherwise you are welcome to make a specific request and purchase (allow time for delivery).

you’ve a few weeks until I invade your city. Start making plans now.
~Dominatrix Alexandra Sadista

On a dark night with the moon and stars being our only source of light, we found just the right spot to do it. We wore only robes, as part of the thrill was to share this experience completely in the nude. he disrobed and got on all fours, without any direction from Me, and said “I am ready”. I smiled the wickedest of smiles (and My first of countless to come) and threw My robe off to the side. I straddled him, and without hesitation gave My first ever Golden Shower. I began pissing a ferocious piss on his back that splattered all over him, all over My legs, all over the grass around us. I stopped before I finished, as I wanted his position to change. “Now, you need to turn around and lower your body, tilt your head back, and open your mouth,” and before I finished My sentence, he was in position for Me to piss into his mouth. I repositioned Myself, this time using one hand to ensure My stream would be aimed towards his mouth. The other hand grabbed his shoulder length hair and moved his mouth into place. I continued to piss on him, until I was empty. But was I ever SO satisfied.

One never forgets their first time. Mine took place on an island when I was a minor, and they continue to occur with regular frequency and as much fervor and enthusiasm as the first.