TRIPLE DOMINA ELECTRO OVERLOAD:  Domina Alexandra, Mistress Simone, and Mistress Miranda from the UK decide to put an eager slut to use. he did not realize the three Sadists are lovers of electro torture and have brought FOUR power units with a slew of torturous attachments to apply to his body parts. Like mad scientists, they bind him to a wheelchair and attach clamps to his nipples and cock. Multiple electrodes are applied to his nipples, bands around his scrotum, and a urethral probe is inserted deep down his hole. Varying degrees of intense electrical currents pulse through his body leaving slut in a state of pain and confusion. The three Dominas continue to amuse themselves until they finally allow him time to recover from their sadistic doings.

This clip is available at www (dot) clips4sale (dot) com / 50845
CATEGORY: Electro Play
LENGTH: 12 minutes

If you are interested in being a bottom in FemDom videos, send an introductory note with “VIDEO SLAVE” in the subject line. At this time I am saving open slots for more experienced applicants who play on a higher, harder level. If you are a masochist, enjoy medical scenes, and have experience, contact Me asap. All levels are welcome to apply. Know that this is not “free play” and you will abide by My rules. A small donation and/or gift is required for the experience. In your application, include your experience level, description of videos you have been in, and a head shot. Unless you have body modifications or surgically altered body parts, I do not care to see you from the waist down.

Applications can be sent to

Thank you, Phoenix + LA!

Hello, all! It’s been a few weeks now since I returned from My West Coast travels, and I am happy to say any trace of the nasty virus I caught in LA has finally left My body. Being sick four out of the six days I spent in LA put quite a damper on the trip. I pride Myself on being a trooper, but even this one took Me down. Regardless, I managed to participate in several BDSM scenes with some of the hottest and fiercest Women in FemDom, some of which ended up on film.*

In Phoenix, I spent time with the gracious Goddess Sadie at Her Secret Shangri-La. She and I met during Her last visit to Chicago a couple of years ago, so it was a pleasure to spend more time getting to know Her and spend time in Her domain. It has always been important to Me to surround Myself with those that inspire Me, those who will expand and inspire My passion and devotion in life and in this lifestyle. Goddess Sadie, being a strong, devoted Woman, fits that description well.

With Goddess Sadie in sunny Phoenix.

And as luck would have it, a retired Chicago Domina and NYC/Milwaukee-based Domina Myrina Douleur were in the city as well. An afternoon was spent in the company of these Women, and it was quite delightful to be in like minded company!

Once I arrived in LA, I went straight to Venice Beach where I spent the first two days enjoying time to Myself.  On the third day, the whirlwind began.  I attended and played at Isabella Sinclaire’s Domme Collective party where some heavy, delicious sadism occurred alongside former Chicago resident Mistress Bella Bathory and a slew of Dominas from the group.  Images shall forever remain in My memory bank of blood droplets splattering beautifully on the white tile floor of the medical room from the many needles penetrating a masochist’s flesh from his nipples to (quite literally) his toes! Unfortunately I was simply too busy having fun to browse the DeMask showroom at Isabella’s play space during the party. Next time…

With Mistresses An Li, Bettie Burns, Bella Bathory, and Lola Vahl and Our masochist.

I was completely out of commission the next couple of days, save for a couple of rides in a convertible while wrapped in a blanket. At least I was able to do a very slight bit of sight-seeing on the days the sun did decide to make an appearance.

Mulholland Drive.

The trip did end on a high note. Mistress Bella and I filmed a few scenes on a set that is perfect for sadism! I normally shoot clips in dungeons or dungeon-like settings, so this was a great change of pace! Not to mention working with a professional bottom, that was a treat. Many thanks to Bella and Dee at Severe Society, and Brandon aka Blackula and Hannah (videographers), for an absolutely wonderful time filming with Our bottom, Dee Arclyte.

With Mistress Bella Bathory and Dee Arclyte on set.

Really, the purpose of this ten day trip was to connect with strong, like-minded Women that inspire, enjoy time outdoors in the sun (doesn’t NORMALLY happen in Chicago during February), and expand My network of kinky individuals to engage in play with.Sure, being sick sucked, and I would have liked to have played more in both cities, but the time I spent was spent very well. Aside from that, and LA having unusual amounts of rain, I got exactly what I wanted.

I won’t be traveling for a while, as the beautiful summers in Chicago are what Chicagoans live for. I don’t anticipate traveling much aside from a few regional trips (Detroit, Milwaukee, Indy perhaps) until early next year. Which gives you more reason to travel here to to get your dose of BDSM from Me.

~Dominatrix Alexandra Sadista

* The videos that were filmed in both cities will soon be available for purchase on My clips4sale store #50845 as well as

Look out, I am heading West! I look forward to prescribing your perfect dose of BDSM and guiding you through My wonderful world of kink! Email Me to discuss a potential session:

PHOENIX: SATURDAY, FEB 11—WEDNESDAY, FEB 15 at Goddess Sadie‘s Secret Shangri-La.
One hour, extended scenes, and overnight sessions are available. Inquire about double Domina sessions with Goddess Sadie. If you wish to be in Our FemDom videos, send an email with previous experience and references.

LOS ANGELES: THURSDAY, FEB 16—WEDNESDAY, FEB 22 at the Ivy Manor in Downtown LA.
I will be attending the Domme Collective Matinee Play Party on Friday, February 17th. One hour, extended scenes, and overnight sessions are available. Inquire about double Domina sessions with My colleagues in Los Angeles including the fabulous Mistress Bella Bathory. If you wish to be in Bella and I’s FemDom videos, send an email with previous experience and references.



I am well into 2017, as far as My schedule is considered. Per usual, I have booked several trips, as travel is the spice in MY life! Last year I had the pleasure of going to LA, Denver, New Orleans, Atlanta, Houston, Las Vegas, and Barcelona, Spain! I will be on a similar schedule this year until May. Chicago is just too beautiful during the summer to plan a getaway, unless I receive an offer from a travel sponsor I cannot refuse, of course!

So before I get caught up in this year’s activities, I would like to say… It is because of My hard work, passion, and determination that I am able to live My life the way I do. It is because of the love I have for My craft that I continue down this path, and because I would not have it any other way! AND those who are dedicated to serving Me and have enriched My life by supporting My endeavors are very much appreciated. I thank all of you who fill important roles such as being My safety during sessions (esp when traveling), drivers, researchers, pamperers, handymen, houseboys, shoe cleaners, latex washers, and overall helpers. I move rather quickly and efficiently during My work hours, and I know it is not easy keeping up with a demanding Goddess on a schedule. Thank you, slaves, devoted regulars, and those who serve from afar. your efforts do not go unnoticed!


Evening of Wednesday, January 11th until afternoon of Saturday the 14th

St. Louis, Evening of Thursday, January 19th until afternoon of Sunday the 22nd

If you missed Me in Detroit last September, NOW is your chance to see Me, boys! My schedule was booked solid then, and this trip is already almost 1/2 way booked. Do not wait until the last minute!
St. Louis, this is My first time visiting with intention to engage in BDSM and fetish scenes. I will be playing at Mistress Simone’s beautiful dungeon. She and I have many similarities in how We play, and We are both medical fetishists and extreme sadists at heart. Do not feel intimidated, as both She and I equally enjoy boys who genuinely love to serve and, I encourage you to book a double Domme session with Us.
A few activities I particularly enjoy (visit for complete list)
erotic electro stimulation
CBT – cock and ball bondage and torture
medical and invasive procedures
single tail whipping, caning, over the knee spankings
BONDAGE light to heavy and predicament
sensory play
Do not feel limited or intimidated by the kinks and fetishes listed above. Genuine foot worshippers and Goddess pamperers hold a special place in My dark heart. It’s not always about pain. Respectfully suggest a scenario for Me to consider, and I will respond if it piques My interest.
– Deposits are required
– Advance booking strongly recommended
– Verifiable references are a plus
To book a session, visit My website first, then send an introductory email to:

That’s right, I am heading to Barcelona, Spain in just a few hours and will be out of the country until next Saturday. I will be taking a million photos and enjoying some time away, of course! My laptop will be coming with Me, and I will be answering emails intermittently during the trip. Be patient, it may not be until Monday the 17th that I respond to your email, provided it is not time sensitive.

Be well, and enjoy life!

CHI: The Halloween Foot Fetish Party is next SAT, don’t forget to RSVP!14138607_1649161055413896_3097087978795318507_o

Join us for our annual Halloween Foot Fetish Party on Saturday, October 15th!

Your hosts, Goddess Alexandra Sadista and the infamous Phil-Latio-Foot, along with the lovely Ladies in attendance! We will be having a pumpkin eating contest. That is right, you will be racing to eat pumpkin pie off the foot of your partner! Prizes will be awarded. Drinks and snacks will be provided. Costumes are optional, but it IS a Halloween Party!

Get ready for some foot worship, foot pampering, trampling, foot fetish fun!

Our special guests are LA’s Snow Mercy (pictured), as well as Sky Terrapin (also from LA)!

Location and instructions given upon RSVP: Iamyourfetish@gmail.com14519801_1277344515662122_5869197056081649429_n

I am in Detroit until Saturday afternoon and have a very full schedule. In fact, the only human interaction I will be having is with clients and the occasional barista, waitress, and salesperson.

So far, I’ve broken in two submissives who were nervous novices when they walked in, and certainly felt like different people when they walked out. While fear is quite the aphrodisiac in My world, I do My best to not scare or overwhelm inexperienced clients as they can be quite sensitive, all the while firmly pushing their boundaries beyond their own expectations and self-imposed limitations. In one way or another, I blow their minds. And surely it is My own comfort with those activities that are considered taboo in many societies and cultures that allows My boys to completely let go and feel no shame.

My first client yesterday wrote Me after he had time to process our time together:

“I just wanted to thank you again for your time and guidance. You made me feel very comfortable, taking away my fear and embarrassment.”


Detroit: I’ve one slot left open tonight at or after 10PM. Deposits are required. Email Me at if you would like take tonight’s slot. Otherwise, you are SOL.

~Dominatrix Alexandra Sadista






Tour dates:

ATLANTA: Tuesday, June 21 — Thursday, June 23
NEW ORLEANS: Saturday, June 25 — Monday, June 27
HOUSTON: Tuesday, June 28 — Thursday, June 30 (might extend 1-2 days)

Atlanta, it’s been several years since My last time! I’ve only two days available to book sessions, as I will be shooting BDSM videos on Thursday with Goddess Cheyenne. Sessions will be taking place at Her opulent dungeon, and 1-on-1 sessions or Doubles are available shall you feel brave.

New Orleans, home of some of the dirtiest boys in the South! I’ve engaged in fun full toilet play in NOLA, and plan to do so once again! I will be seeing slaves and submissives in My hotel room in the French Quarter, as well as long time friend Mistress Genevieve‘s dungeon in the Marigny/Bywater area. Care to see Us both? Inquire within!

Houston was My hometown for over two decades! It is where I received My initial training in the art of BDSM. Time is limited here as well, but I might extend My trip until Friday or Saturday. I will be playing at The Vault belonging to Domina Shannon. She and I play very well together as We are both Sadists at heart. We are available for double bookings as well.

Serious, genuine inquiries can be sent by email (preferred method of contact) or by phone. Deposits are required while traveling, and impeccable references are a plus! Advanced notice is ALWAYS preferred, however on occasion I will take same day bookings.

Most sessions will be taking place in very well equipped dungeons. That doesn’t deter Me from bringing some of My favorite tools of the trade such as:

• Folsom box and several fun attachments
• implements for corporal punishment (floggers, canes, single tail)
• medical fetish accoutrement (needles, caths, sutures, enema)
• predicament bondage (rope, nose and anal hook, clamps, weights)

…and of course exquisite leather-n-latex attire beautiful boots and stilettos to match! And lingerie… because it is HOT in the South!

In New Orleans and Houston, I will consider lunch or dinner requests with subtle or perhaps not so subtle public play or humiliation involved. I know Houston very well, so the possibilities are definitely endless for a gay bar or strip club outing, especially with a couple of My fellow Dominant Colleagues joining along!

If you can offer chauffeur services in Atlanta or Houston, email Me with CHAUFFEUR – ATL or HOU in the subject line.

For more info visit My website,

~Dominatrix Alexandra Sadista
312-203-4535 OR 713-705-8487