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(not safe for you – if you are faint of heart, weak in the knees, or have a fragile stomach. Brown shower talk ahead, enter at your own risk!)


When My toilet-bitch and I met for the first time in May of 2012, I certainly did not anticipate he would earn a place in My stable. he came to Me for guidance, committed to serving Me to his best abilities, willing to face the many challenges this type of service involves. There have been moments of near-success and some of not-so-near, moments when punishment was a necessary action, and rewards were rightfully earned. Through it all, I always knew in his heart he wanted nothing more than to be the best toilet that he can be.

My most memorable training session to date was when he suggested a scenario that was a long time fantasy of Mine. he suggested he be My toilet, in My home (as he has been allowed in many times due to the nature of the scene). he wanted to be placed in a spot I designated for him, in a box that did not allow him to see much. he would be in this position for 5-6 hours, and would be used whenever nature called. This was a scene I read about happening mostly in commercial Dungeons, and I found the idea to be highly arousing. We began the scene, and without going into too much detail, it had to be cut short.

Moving on to our most recent, successful meeting with My T-Bitch… Once again, he suggested a scenario I fantasized about enacting ever since My first experience, during which My boy would consume a mixture that would provide for him to eat, to be served in a bowl. When it was time for the scene, My TB was inspired to bring a plate and utensils to consume everything as, literally, a full meal on a plate. My preparations went perfectly according to plan, and he was indeed served one of the largest meals in our history together. Much to My surprise, he pleased Me by not only finishing every bit, but also licking his utensils clean… Down to every last drop! he was rewarded with a couple of activities where he finds a great deal of pleasure, and I too, knowing the rewards well very well earned. A job very well done, toilet-bitch!

One of the most enjoyable aspects of our play is how inspired he is with every challenge, overzealous at times, but always wanting to out do himself. he is as devoted as I am pleased to push his boundaries and have him serve Me in this fashion. With so many wonderful experiences with him, I look forward to how we can continue to out do each of our training sessions. I’ve a few ideas….


i have served my incredible and beautiful Goddess, Mistress Alexandra Sadista, for a couple years.  During that time, She has guided my training as Her toilet.  Our mutual goal has been for me to become Her fully consuming toilet, taking in all Her divine wastes. As she puts it, “you are My toilet to use as I see fit.”  She is my Goddess and it is my ultimate way of worshiping Her, showing my complete submission and devotion to Her.  i have had my successes and failures.    She has sternly pushed me to become a better toilet for Her.

Prior to my most recent service, She firmly advised me that i would receive “a generous, proper feeding.”  She instructed me “Be prepared!  I will have a full meal ready for you, My toilet, and you must clean your plate otherwise you cannot leave the table.  Every little morsel.  I won’t take no for an answer!”   i agreed to bring a plate, knife and fork to help me with my task.  With great nervousness but also great determination to achieve my goal and please my Goddess, i arrived at Her door.

When She opened the door, She was amazingly beautiful as always, luxurious dark hair, flawless olive toned skin and a wicked smile.  i knelt down and kissed each of Her boots. As i met Her stern gaze, She asked “Are you ready today, My toilet?  Are you hungry for a full meal?”  i mumbled “Yes, Mistress,” trying to sound confident.  She replied,  “Good,  you better be! Don’t disappoint Me, toilet!”. She then proceeded to tie up my cock and balls and commanded me to put on a diaper.  Next, She sat down, instructed me to lie over Her lap and pulled down my diaper and gave me many hard spankings, each one stinging smartly and each one harder than the other.   She warned me, “Remember, there will be much harder spankings if you do not clean your plate today!  I might have to use a harsher implement as well!”  i mumbled “Yes, Mistress,” knowing She was serious.  When She was satisfied with the redness of my bottom, She announced,  “It is time for your meal, toilet! I am ready to use you.  Assume your proper toilet position!”.  She then slipped off Her underwear and sat above me on Her toilet throne.  Entranced, i gazed admiringly up at Her feminine flower and Her beautiful rosebud framed by a perfectly shaped muscular derriere, aware that i would soon be receiving my fresh drink and meal directly from my Goddess.  i waited with nervous anticipation.  She then commanded “Open your mouth, toilet, I am ready to give you My golden!”  i obeyed and my mouth was filled to the brim with heavy streams of Her delicious golden piss.  She commanded “Keep your mouth open and drink every drop, toilet!” as i gulped vigorously.  She fully emptied Her bladder into my toilet mouth, then told me to “ keep your mouth wide open, toilet!”  i was mesmerized by the glorious sight of Her beautiful rosebud puckering and Her brown slowly emerging.  As She had warned me, several firm brown caviar logs came out of Her one by one and landed in my mouth.  But they were too big to swallow and fell to the side.  She stood up, looked down and saw that they were beside me.  She mischievously smiled while observing, “That is quite a large load! you have a big meal today, toilet!”  She then ordered me to sit up.  She handed me the plate, knife and fork i had brought with me that day.  She placed all Her brown logs on the plat,  handed me the knife and fork, then sat down in front of me and looked directly into my eyes to remind me of my task.  “It’s time to for you to eat, toilet.  Now be a good toilet and clean your plate.  Every morsel.  If you do not completely clean your plate, you will be severely punished!”  i gradually ate my meal, piece by piece, chewing and swallowing every bite.  Each piece was still warm and fresh, firm but still moist and chewy.  The taste was strong and bitter but also delicious since it was Her divine waste.   As i did so, She looked into my eyes and firmly encouraged me with Her words. i eventually finished all the logs, a full load.  She smiled and said “Wonderful, toilet! But, you’re not quite done yet. Here, let Me help you.”  She drooled a large serving of spit onto the plate and mixed it with Her remaining brown.   She then said, “There you go.  Now finish cleaning your plate, toilet. Eat every little bit.  I want the plate spotless.”  As She ordered, i licked it completely clean and spotless to Her satisfaction.  Still not satisfied, She inspected the knife and fork, noticed some of Her brown still clinging to them and commented, “Oh, these aren’t quite clean yet toilet!  Lick them clean too!”   Soon, i had licked these spotless too.  She inspected the utensils, flashed Her wicked smile again, patted me on the head and said “Good job, toilet!”   She then gave me a chance to clean off in the shower. 

When i emerged again, She told me it was time for my reward.  She inserted a butt plug in my ass.  Then, She lay down and gave me the honor of massaging Her gorgeous feet and legs.   Her long lithe legs and petite feet are as perfectly shaped as Her Goddess bottom and it was a delight to serve Her in this way.  i was also rewarded with the sight of Her amazingly beautiful derriere as i massaged Her.  When i had completed this task, She advised me that She felt like She might have dessert for me!  i was so full from the earlier meal i had to reluctantly and graciously decline.  She was disappointed but realized i might back up if i ate more.  She used my ass some more and then had one final task for me, announcing “you will have dessert anyway, My toilet!”   She commanded me to assume a position on all fours and to masturbate.  As i did so, She placed the plate underneath me and commanded me “Come on the plate!  Don’t miss!”  When i was done, She told me to sit down once again, handed me the plate and instructed me, “Lick up every drop, I want the plate clean and spotless again.”  As She watched, i obediently did so.  She inspected the plate and announced “Perfect!  Every last drop!”   i was then allowed to dress and present myself to Her once again.  She asked me “How do you feel, toilet?”  i told Her i felt full and also happy after fulfilling my purpose as Her toilet.   With a satisfied smirk, She said, ” you should feel full! you served Me well and did an excellent job today, My toilet, consuming every drop and morsel of My gifts, not letting anything go to waste, your best job yet.  I am very pleased.  Now you may go.”  Before departing, i knelt and kissed Her boots again while She gave me another gentle pat on the head.  As i left, i felt deep satisfaction knowing that i had pleased my Goddess by fulfilling my sole purpose in life as Her toilet, Her shit and piss receptacle, Her “shit and piss pig.” i felt content knowing that the shit and piss of my Goddess were deep inside me, Her toilet.

Hello, Chicago, I am back (and still recovering from mild jet lag). My vacation could not have been lovelier, and it was the perfect length of time under the Caribbean sun, moon, and hundreds of visible stars. I returned with a deep tan, lots of sand in My suitcase, and enough memories to last Me through next winter. This was a much anticipated trip as it was a true vacation during which anything resembling work did not occur. Hooray for suitcases that do not exceed the weight limit due to leather, latex, and toys!

The only mention of anything that instantly made Me think dirty thoughts was the mention of water sports and which ones we would be engaging in that day. I couldn’t help but to giggle to Myself, as only three years back I engaged in MY version of WaterSports with a fun boy-toy… at the resort, at the pool, near the beach, under the Caribbean sun. Another Hooray, this time for public Golden Showers! This IS an acceptable way to show affection towards a slave, in My book.

I want to thank each of you for sending Me off with warm wishes, and for your patience as I catch up on My updates, emails, and things of that nature. That said, in a few days you can look for updates to My Clips4Sale store #50845 and see what has been going on behind the closed doors of The Studio. Looking forward, My pets!





















NEW VIDEO CLIP on My Clips4Sale Store #50845:

Double Domme Trampling

My slave-r gets to be Mistress Xena and I’s human carpet and human trampoline. We amuse Ourselves by squishing his bits with Our high heels, digging them into his balls, head of his cock, and nipples. We stand, stomp, bounce all over his squishy belly and lower region. his tiny cock tries to hide, and every time it comes up for air, We stomp it back into place. Don’t you wish this was you under US?

Full length 13:18 – MP4



NEW VIDEO CLIPS on My Clips4Sale Store #50845:

TAKE IT, BITCH! Round #1 & 2

In round #1 of this slave’s day, the three Dominatrices, Alexandra, Xena, and Lily Hex, start off by restraining bootslut and securing him in a CBT pillory stand. The Dominas apply tight clamps on bootslut’s cock and balls, nipples, and tongue. he gets slapped around, whipped, caned, paddled, spanked… his nipples get pinched and cropped. The leather clad Ladies ignore his pleas for mercy and continue to bully him.

Full length 19:24 – MP4

In round #2 of this slave’s day, Mistress Alexandra and Mistress Xena strap bootslut down and prepare to use their big cocks. The Dominas take each side, Alexandra takes this slut’s mouth, Xena takes his slut-hole. They penetrate him, but again, he cries for mercy! What kind of slut is he, to not be able to take Our cocks? We switch places various times. The dirty dildo that was in his ass goes into his mouth, time and time again. Disgusting slut.

Full length 19:24 – MP4


SUFFERING FOR OUR PLEASURE: The Abuse of the Misbehaving, Cock-Loving Slut
Mistress Alexandra Sadista, Goddess Cheyenne and Natalya have a difficult submissive that just does not understand that Women Rule, and the odds are against him. The Femme Fatales abuse his body, ignoring his resistance, and remind him that We are in control of his every movement. After being exploited in a various predicaments, his body grows limp and is tired of fighting… yet We continue to exhaust his orifices until We are satisfied. give him the treatment he deserves, but certainly is not worthy of.In this FemDom video you will see: cock sucking, dildo worship, forced deep throating, face fucking, bondage, CBT, NT, CBB, latex fetish, cock torture, anal abuse, ball slapping, spanking, leather strap, and Divine Goddesses

[This video was filmed in 2011 at Goddess Cheyenne’s Opulent Dungeon in Atlanta]

(Full length 19:26 – MP4)


Alexandra and DuValle













DuValle de Sade joins Me in humiliating Our messy, chubby little pig. Once again, he becomes the victim of verbal and physical abuse, as we spit on him, use him as an ashtray, and force him to eat nasty food mixed with our saliva and ashes. he’s so pathetic and scared, he cannot even cum in front of Us.

In this FemDom video you will see: food eating, verbal and physical abuse, spittoon play, humiliation, trampling with high heels, face-slapping, punishment, ruined orgasm, and more.

(Full length 9:35 – M4V and MP4)

Saturday, March 29th at 8PM at the Studio:

Divine Feet for Worship
A new bi-monthly event catering to those who adore everything about feet.

This event is hosted by Ladies who enjoy having their feet pampered and worshipped, and enjoy trampling with bare feet, feet covered in silky stockings, or heels. The Ladies attending are not only Dominatrices, but also prominent role models in the Chicago burlesque community, career Ladies, girls next door, and more. This is not your typical dungeon foot fetish event.

Our special guest performer is classic burlesque dancer Miss Titty Perkins. This long-legged beauty will be performing two acts, teasing you into oblivion with her sexy strip tease!

Light drinks and snacks will be provided.
Select areas of the Studio will be sectioned off to allow for more privacy.
Evening attire is required. No jeans or T-shirts, no baseball caps allowed.
Street Parking is available. Or, you may park in the back of The Studio (in the CTA lot) for $5.

If you are interested in attending or have any further questions, please e-mail Goddess Alexandra at

We hope to see you there!

Divine Feet for Worship

A new clip has been added to My C4S store #50845. In this video you will see My helpless pet forced to endure electrical torture with a selection of E-Stim devices. Wrapped in layers of plastic wrap and duct tape, photodog can do nothing but squirm and whimper while latex-clad Alexandra has Her way with him.

Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 1.51.14 PM

In other news, My sharps collection was just restocked, and I am looking forward to creating some art! This is an opportune moment to also mention My new fascination for drawing blood. I was trained by a licensed phlebotomist and have practiced a fair amount over the last couple of weeks. I am very lucky to have friends that like needle play! That said, hopeful victims and medical fetishists are urged to inquire, while My supply of syringes is plentiful.

Bloody cuts and kisses,
Alexandra the Sadist

Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 2.02.13 PM

Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 10.13.05 AM

True Desires – Saturday, February 1st — Sunday, February 2nd

I am honored and very excited to be attending True Desires in Dallas with Mistress Simone, owner of the Studio. Those that would like to attend and experience an overnight FemDom event, you must contact Maitresse Renee directly at

“True Desires was created so that Mistresses and slaves can live out their fantasies, much like the movie Exit to Eden and similar to the Other World Kingdom. Fantasies come in all forms, Mine being having a stable of boys locked away in My dungeon for my use, like a harem and many slaves have the desire to live in a TRUE 24/7 FemDom setting. True Desires allows exactly that! The focus of the event is to “TRAIN” the boys attending. True Desires is just as much about growing as a submissive mentally as it is about playing with many of the most sought after Dominatrices there are.” — Maitresse Renee

I am Mistress Alexandra la Sadista, a Chicago-based Dominatrix. Stern, demanding, and deviously perverted.

I am traveling with Mistress Simone of Chicago to Dallas, Texas for the True Desires event hosted by Maitresse Renee. Sessions are being scheduled for Saturday, February 1st through Tuesday February 4th in Her massive 7K square foot Dungeon.

Scenes involving bondage, mummification, sensory deprivation, needle play, corporal punishment/discipline, CBT/NT, select types of worship (E.G. foot, boot), and many more are an option. Players of all experience levels are welcome, but must follow proper booking procedures (instructions below). Refer to My website ( for the complete list of My preferred activities before making contact. Compatibility is a must!

For those wishing to indulge even further, you may inquire about Double or Triple-Domme session.

Inquiries can be sent to Mention “Dallas” in the subject line, and in your email include your interests, level of experience, hard limits, and any other pertinent details, such as current medical conditions. My time is limited, and I understand yours might be as well. Ample advance notice is preferred. A small deposit is required, otherwise our time will not be reserved in My book.

In the case you would like to make contact via Interweb, you may choose to do so using one of the following methods:

Gchat: Alexandra Sadista
Tweet: MsAlexandraS
Amazon: Or simply send a token of your admiration

Once again, Texas, I will be penetrating you very soon.

Alexandra's spit

~Mistress Alexandra la Sadista